Love Horoscope for the Week of April 9

Venus and Mars are making a Love Connection this week!

The Astrologer Daily: April 8, 2018

As the Moon conjuncts Pluto, domineering energies can easily drown out quieter voices; it’s important not to allow that to happen.

The Astrologer Daily: April 7, 2018

The Moon conjuncts both Mars and Saturn today, simultaneously pressing the gas and applying the brakes. Pace yourself to match the fluctuating energies.

The Astrologer Daily: April 6, 2018

Today’s energies are busy and super-organized, thanks to the Capricorn Moon. Get the boring but necessary stuff done.

The Astrologer Daily: April 5, 2018

To get things done today, use your sense of humor. If you can make people laugh or smile, they’re much more likely to co-operate.

The Astrologer Daily: April 4, 2018

There’s something very spiritual in the air today. Look for coincidences and signs from the universe.

The Astrologer Daily: April 3, 2018

The Scorpio Moon conjuncts lucky Jupiter today, so take that leap of faith and see what happens. Maybe buy a lottery ticket too!

The Astrologer Daily: April 2, 2018

Today’s Mars-Saturn conjunction slows everything down to a snail’s pace. Keep moving anyway; it’s important not to give up.

Love Horoscope for the Week of April 2

Mars and Saturn are raising hell, but Venus is keeping the peace

The Astrologer Daily: April 1, 2018

Some tension is inevitable in interpersonal relationships – go big on compliments and short on criticism.