Mars in Scorpio: August 23 to October 6

Discovering what and who you are passionate about can be a great way to make the best use of this transit.

Mars in Libra: July 3 to August 23

This is a better time for whispering sweet nothings than it is for dealing with whose turn it is to take out the garbage.

Mercury in Leo: June 25 to August 31

This transit is a great opportunity to try more creative, fun and playful modes of communication.

Mercury in Cancer: June 7 to 25

If you’re trying to score a great date night during this transit, think closer to home rather than heading out.

Mercury in Gemini: May 24 to June 7

If you’ve been wanting to share what’s on your mind with a love interest, now is the time.

Mercury in Taurus: May 9-24

If you need to have important conversations now, snail’s pace slow is the way to go.

Venus in Gemini: April 3 to August 7

Feeling flirty? As Venus settles into airy Gemini for a four-month-long visit, we’re all going to be experiencing a desire to take a bite out of life.

Mercury in Pisces: March 23 to April 16

The communication planet softens and opens when it joins with the last sign of the zodiac, allowing for greater awareness of the more subtle realms of life.

Mercury in Pisces: February 13 to March 2

The communication planet softens and opens when it joins with the last sign of the zodiac, allowing for greater awareness of the more subtle realms of life.

Venus in Aries: February 8 to March 5

This firebomb in the sky has the potential to ignite our lives with passion and energy, if only we’re ready to take the dare.

Mercury in Aquarius: January 27 to February 13

The communication planet’s transit through this Air sign offers opportunities to think outside the box and have your own moments of brilliant insight.

Mars Retrograde in Virgo: How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Mars is apparently moving backwards in the sky from late January to mid-April. Will you be a couch potato, or revamp your daily routines?

Neptune’s Transit Through Pisces: Romantic Delusion or Delight?

Neptune returning to Pisces in February could bring you real love … or romantic delusion. Find out what Neptune is up to in your sign so you can avoid romantic illusion and, instead, focus on true romance.

Mercury in Capricorn: January 8 to 27

Words of any kind have a tendency to slow down and take on a more serious tone during this transit.

Venus in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Taurus: Too Much of a Good Thing?

You may be tempted to overdo things during this transit, but maintaining some self-control will go a long way.

Venus in Aquarius: December 20 to January 14

If you’ve been getting complacent in your relationship, now might be the time to try something—or someone—new.

Venus in Capricorn Square Saturn in Libra: Keep It Real

During this transit, you may find it necessary to come face-to-face with some of the cold, hard realities of your relationship.

Venus in Capricorn Trine Mars in Virgo: Take Things Slow

This is the time to get practical and grounded when it comes to matters of the heart. Though earth signs aren’t known for being all that exciting when it comes to love, sometimes there’s nothing better than a cozy someone you can depend on.

Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: No Half-Measures in Love

If you’ve ever “loved” a relationship to death, you’ll understand the nature of Venus conjunct Pluto. Focused and committed, yes, but this transit also brings with it the danger of obsession, rigidity and over-striving.

Venus in Capricorn: November 26 to December 20

Form and structure are what it’s all about now, with Capricorn reminding us to keep our eyes on the prize and stay focused on what we really want.