Leave a Comment Using Your Facebook Profile

I am experimenting with adding an option to comment on a blog post using your Facebook identity. This comment box always shows up below the comment area for registered members. It will allow readers to comment without having to register, but they will have to use their public Facebook identity, so it’s less useful if […]

An iTunes Question About the Podcast, Answered

Zwina314 asked on the Sasstrology page at the iTunes Music Store, The free Astrolabe report does not include interpretations of houses and aspects, and I apologize if I miscommunicated that it did. Chaos Astrology offers free reports including houses and aspects. However, there is something to be said for supporting your local, neighborhood astrology blog. […]

Now More iPhone and iPad Friendly!

Now that Mercury is direct, I’ve upgraded the mobile version of Sasstrology. To make the home page more user-friendly, I have excluded the daily horoscopes If you click on the menu icon next to the logo, you’ll see where you can get your daily horoscope: And click on any post to read: If you want […]

A Note on Forum Moderation

I wanted to thank those members who have been flagging content they deem inappropriate, as it helps me to weed out comments that bring down the community. One troll who left racist/misogynistic/abusive comments was banned. I do want to note that just because someone leaves feedback that you do not like, those comments are not […]

Blog News: Forum Features Scaled Back, Plus Horoscope Videos

The ability for members to flag content has been a useful feature to help me moderate the site; thanks to those who have participated. I usually don’t take action because—at least from my perspective—a particular comment does not violate Community Guidelines, but sometimes you’ve caught some doozies. After adding capabilities like viewing forum activity for […]

New Forum Feature: View Activity for Your Friends Only

I’ve just added a feature that will limit the visibility of status updates to friends only. So if you go to your profile page and answer, “What’s New?” only your friends will see your reply. But all updates in public groups will be viewable by all. In addition, if you click on “Activity” on your […]

Post Photos and Links in Your Forum Updates

I have enabled members to upload images or post links (a la Facebook) in their updates. You can do this from your profile page, or when you are on the home page of a group. It is very wonky, but hey, if I were a Facebook developer I wouldn’t be here, would I? But seriously, […]

Help Moderate the Site

The forum currently has no active moderators, so I have enabled a feature that will allow any logged-in member to flag any comment or forum post as inappropriate. If enough members flag the same snippet of content, I will review it and take appropriate action.

Now With Bigger Font Size!

I’m experimenting with a bigger font size to increase readability. Please let me know how it works for you, or if it’s overkill.

3 Great Reasons to Subscribe to the Astrology Rocks! Podcast

These three reviews rolled in the last couple of days. It’s very heartening to receive such encouraging feedback! You can subscribe to our iTunes podcast here.

Do You Feel “Safe” In the Forum or Comments Section?

I have been receiving some reports over the past few months of abusive members. I unfortunately do not have the resources to moderate every conversation occurring in the forum and the comments section, as the site is so active. Allegra has been so kind as to alert me when something egregious happens, but I occasionally […]

Sasstrology Is the #6 Astrology Podcast After Only 5 Weeks

All About You: The Top 10 Sasstro-Cities

Find out the most popular cities that Sass readers live in.

Help Me Write a Valentine’s Day Blog Post

Let’s collaborate on “How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day for Your Lover”

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The Year Ahead for Sasstrology: No More Weekly Horoscopes

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Announcing the International Astrology Day Blog-A-Thon

The much anticipated cardinal T-square of Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus is an event which has many of us puzzled and worried. With these cardinal energies, we can expect times of fast-forward movement, more shocks and changes, and a lot more hard work. What these energies also promise is the opportunity for personal and collective transformation, […]

Sasstrology.net has been down all day

Today’s my birthday. I have a large Pisces stellium in the 11th house of my Solar Return chart. And it is interesting to note that the forum (11th house) has been down all day because there is an infinite redirect going on between www.sasstrology.net and sasstrology.net such that the web address never resolves (Pisces is […]