What Happened to the Daily Horoscopes?

Due to technical issues, Sasstrology has to temporarily discontinue posting daily horoscopes by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer. Please visit https://new.theastrologer.com for your dailies — we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Year-End Musings from Jeff, the Publisher

Next fall will be this blog’s 10-year anniversary…

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More than 50% of the time, Sasstrology readers visit us on their smartphones. We have a mobile-friendly site, but would love your feedback.

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Job Announcement: Freelance Social Media Manager

Sasstrology is looking for a freelance Social Media Manager (SMM).

Discontinuing Mercury and Venus Sign Ingress Posts

I’m going to stop publishing posts on the home page every time Mercury or Venus changes signs. If you have come to rely on this feature, please note that our weekly forecasts announce whenever a key planet changes signs, and you can always search our archives to learn more about it.

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I am currently publishing a feed of recently-published posts from 167 astrology blogs at sasstrology.com/blogs. The software checks for new posts every 15 minutes. This new page is optimized for mobile devices.

Introducing All-Access Membership

The digital landscape is changing — advertising dollars alone are not adequate to support the production of many websites. Sasstrology has been offering articles on the astrology of sex and relationships by excellent writers since 2006, and as of this writing we have over 500 articles in this category alone, not to mention every possible […]

So Long, Michelle

4 years writing for one website (that’s not even your own) is a long time in internet years. And unfortunately for us, Michelle Suzanne will no longer being writing her weekly forecast or recording her weekly podcast for Sasstrology, as of right before Christmas. I’m sad to see her go—when I was looking for a […]

Updates to Our Mobile Site

Mobile accounts for about 30% of our traffic, so we’ve been working hard to improve your experience reading Sasstrology on your mobile phone. For starters, we’ve added a Google search widget on the home page that just searches Sasstrology.com. We’ve also added popular blog categories to the menu (just tap the top-right icon). Our mobile […]

Cutting Back

Due to unfavorable economic circumstances, Sasstrology has to cut some corners. (This decision just happens to coincide with Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio, which is a tight-fisted transit if I ever saw one.) Unfortunately, the most production- and cost-intensive feature of Sasstrology is the weekly sex & relationships post, so it’s got to go. Of course, […]

Feedburner Subscribers! Please Change Your Subscription

It appears that Google may be soon discontinuing its support for Feedburner, so please add the following to your preferred feed reader: /feed

Check Out Our Updated Mobile Site

I’ve been working hard on the mobile version of Sasstrology, since nowadays many people do nearly everything on their phones. If you have an iPhone or Android device, you can: See the latest posts on the home page, and click on the menu to read your daily horoscope. Log in to your Sasstrology account and […]

Simplifying, and Speeding Up

As part of my Mars retrograde process, I am letting go of anything that weighs me down or prevents me from moving forward in the areas of life that are important to me. I have already discontinued the forum. Recently, I have been decluttering and speeding up the load time of web pages. I may […]

Sasstrology Forum to Close February 3

Mars is retrograde, and I feel it is triggering something in me that needs to close the forum. Honestly, I rarely participate in it myself, and if I only host it for the sake of building up pageviews so I can earn more advertising money, it feels against the values I am trying to live […]

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Sasstrology is always trying to change things up, and around the New Year, the powers-that-be decided to change our email newsletter.

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Sasstrology is Back Online!

Hey everybody. Apparently Sasstrology’s web hosting account was suspended last night around 8pm eastern time, and since I didn’t go online or check my email last night, I didn’t notice it until just a few minutes ago. I called my hosting company and it’s been reinstated, and have asked them to look into what happened. […]