About Jo Tracey

Jo Tracey is a Sydney based Astrologer, Blogger and Change/Project Manager — in no particular order. Although overloaded with 1st house Pisces planets, Jo’s 8th house Mars in Scorpio is tempted by the occasional excursion into the “dark side” of the zodiac. Jo can be contacted at jo@jotracey.com.au.

Synastry Basics: Who Is Really “Right” For You?

Finding and maintaining meaningful relationships is more complicated than choosing partners with obvious sun sign compatibility. Use this straight-forward synastry guide to make sense of your relationships…

The Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain: Venus Opposite Pluto

Venus opposite Pluto? Be prepared for obsession, possession, passion, and Machiavellian manipulation at its best … and worst!

Unleashing Your Inner Bitch … by Sun Sign

You’ve had a few dates and things are going well, but at some time into the relationship, the bitch will make an appearance — it has to, no one can sustain that level of perfection forever! The really dark side of each sign, the side that stays hidden until you know you have your date […]