About Beth Turnage

Beth Turnage is a professional astrologer with over twenty years experience counseling clients in career and relationship issues. She writes an astrology column for a weekly newspaper along the Connecticut shoreline and blogs about astrology at Astrology Media Press.

The Astrology of Marriage in the Royal Family: A Suitable Girl and the “Bit on the Side”

A study of Prince Charles’ synastry between Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana Spencer.

Codependency, Neptune and The Tangle of Human Relationships

Do you put the welfare of others before your own self-interests? Are you sensitive – maybe a little too sensitive – to the emotions of others? Do you somehow take on “too much” of the work of a relationship? There is a word for that, you know, and that word is co-dependency. Despite the fact […]

Saturn in Libra: Chasing Bells and Lace

I went to Staten Island. To buy myself a mandolin And I saw the long white dress of love On a storefront mannequin Big boat chuggin’ back with a belly full of cars… All for something lacy Some girl’s going to see that dress And crave that day like crazy… My son proposed to his […]

Pluto in the Fifth: The Alchemy of Love

Gillian Holroyd, a free spirited Greenwich Village gallery owner selling rather gruesome primitive art, is bored, restless and dissatisfied with her life. Beautiful, college educated, and financially independent, she is ahead of the curve of the usual late 1950’s woman. She is a woman in charge and in control. What she doesn’t have, however, is […]

Pluto in the Eighth: Practical Magic

In the movie Practical Magic, Sally and Gillian Owens live under the shadow of a centuries old curse cast by their ancestor, Maria. Disappointed in love, Maria casts a spell that she would never fall in love again. Proving, however, that she who practices the Craft on herself has a fool for a client, the […]

Pluto in the Seventh: A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss

“It seems that destiny has taken a hand,” said Rick Blaine in the timeless movie Casablanca. For most of us, the sensibility that fate and destiny play an inexorable role in love is the stuff of fairy tales or movies. For natives with Pluto in the Seventh House, truer words were never spoken. Seemingly self-assured, […]

Saturn in the Seventh: A Classic Affair Of The Heart

In the classic movie Sabrina (pick your favorite version – Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart or Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford), Sabrina Fairchild – the daughter of the Larrabee family’s chauffeur – returns home from her Paris education a confident and sophisticated young woman. She develops a burning infatuation with the engaged playboy son of […]

Neptune in the Seventh House: The Cinderella Complex

In the movie Pretty Woman — the modern Cinderella story — business mogul Edward tries to strike up a deal with prostitute Vivian to keep seeing her when he comes to town. She turns him down, telling him he isn’t offering enough. Like a true businessman, he continues to negotiate, asking her what she wants. […]

When Love is Not Enough: Resolving Conflicts Through the Zodiac Signs

The slamming door. The sulky pout. Unspoken anger, seething resentments. Some of our most painful moments come through conflicts with those we care about the most. Because we are unique individuals, we will want something that clashes with the desires of another, however much we love them. The essential truth is that while love is […]

Office Husbands by Sign: Part 2 (Libra-Pisces)

This post is Part II of Office Husbands by Sign. Part I included “office husbands” with the Sun signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Read the intro if you haven’t already, and check out Do you have an office wife? on GQ. Libra: He’s almost too pretty, especially since his eyelashes are longer […]

Office Husbands by Sign: Part 1 (Aries-Virgo)

In the AMC show Mad Men, Advertising Director Don Draper had a conversation with his soon-to-be ex-secretary, who had let him down. “If I can’t count on you, you are useless to me. You’re fired.” If divorce were only so easy. Back in the day before “feminism” was a word with special connotations, men had […]

Astrology, Housework and Domestic Bliss

Studies show that how much housework a man shares with his significant other results in a bonus for him — more sex! If the woman feels the man is putting in his share, she is much more likely to feel warm and cozy towards him. But we are getting into tricky things here when we […]

How Aspects in Astrology Reflect Your Relationship Struggles

“Moving parts” are all the planets in your chart and the energetic connections they make to each other, called aspects. Yet, our moving parts aren’t always well-coordinated. Rarely is a human put together such that all the parts move together harmoniously. The challenge aspect (the square), the tension aspect (the opposition), the stress aspect (the […]

Let the Good Times Roll: The Jupiter-Ruled Relationship

“Hey baby, want to play?” With a fun-filled glint in his eye and a come hither smile, you can hardly resist the charms of Mr. Jupiter. And he knows it, too, because he has played this game before — many, many times. Unlike your former lover — Mr. Bad Boy Uranus — this fella is […]

Bad Boys: The Uranus-Ruled Relationship

Your mother, your sisters and your friends will all warn you about him. The gunslinger, James Dean, the Hell’s Angel, the gambler, the gangsta, the player: You know who I’m talking about! The pretty boy with a chip on his shoulder and his eye out for you. The attraction is immediate, he sees you, pursues […]

A Case Study of Deception

Allie (not her real name) was in a quandary. She had met a man at work and they started dating. But the relationship stalled, and she wanted to know if it was going to work out … or if she should break it off. It was clear through her conversation that she was extremely drawn […]

Reclaiming Your Power in a Relationship

Society has a powerful message for women: If you take care of people, you will be loved. Your wit, your intelligence, your beauty, your sense of style, your work ethic — any and all of your wonderful qualities — have nothing over the power of taking care of other people to make you lovable to […]

Why You Love Who You Do

Who are we attracted to? Who lights our fire? Pop psychology tells us we fall in love with our mothers, but it is more complicated than that. The key to who we are attracted to is in our personal planets and certain house cusps. Since, in our culture, we expect our partners to fill defined […]