Love Horoscope for the Week of December 4

Normally I would be downplaying the effects of Mercury retrograde, which is in effect until the 23rd. Yes, you probably already know that your messages and your agreements and such are more likely to screw up at this time, and if you’ve read my work for long you know I like to tell people that it’s not going to be a disaster. However, this time around there are some special considerations you might want to be especially aware of.

Mercury retrograde is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (exact on Wednesday) and as a result, many of you may find the effects of this Mercury retrograde to be a lot tougher than usual, in particular this week. So double down on the proofreading and the map reading, and think twice before you sign that contract.

Increasing the urge to say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person is Mercury sextile Mars, also exact on Wednesday (but also affecting the entire week). Even if you are perfectly right about things, your delivery is important — and if no one likes a jerk, then everyone hates a jerk who’s right.

Keep in mind that the fastest component of this planetary trio is Mercury, and that Mars sextile Saturn will be in effect until next week. That aspect, in and of itself, will be a much better time to take constructive action on the things that stand in your way. Bide your time and charge against your obstacles next week, when there will be a little more clear thinking on your side.

This weekend brings some interesting opportunities for love, sex, or romance. Mercury trine Uranus will give you the opportunity to express yourself in new and different ways, and that’s great. Mars enters Scorpio, which will naturally tend to ramp up people’s sex drives and urge to socialize. That’s great too.

The only problem is that this weekend also brings us Venus square Neptune. All this amped-up sexual energy (from Mars in Scorpio) and urge for new experiences (thanks to Mercury and Uranus) floating around is fun, sure, but Venus square Neptune isn’t the wisest of judges as to whom it should mate with. Even at the best of times, Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t usually get credit for having brilliant control of its urges, and a square from Neptune never made any planet more sensible. Fortunately the Moon is in Virgo for most of the weekend, so hopefully that will help you temper your urges with a bit of much-needed logic.

About Matthew Currie

Matthew Currie is an astrologer with over 20 years of experience, and is the author of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology." Along with Hilary Young, he is the host of "Love And Sex In The Stars" (a show about the intersection of astrology and human hearts) on In his spare time, Matthew shouts at the neighbors a lot.

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