Love Horoscope for the Week of September 18

Venus enters Virgo on Tuesday. This will have a significant effect on the tone of people’s love lives until mid-October. If you’re familiar with astrology primarily through reading traditional texts, you might think that this means your love life will be dominated by introversion and modesty, and that you’re more likely to sit at home with your cat than go out on a hot date.

On behalf of Venus in Virgo, I’m here to straighten you out about that.

Back in the old days, before the Industrial Revolution–when I was a teenager–people would sometimes talk about a woman having a certain reputation, and it was rarely used in a good sense. The idea of a woman having ownership of her own body and occasionally using it to have a good time was pretty scandalous, and led to plenty of quiet judgment and tsking.

In other words: some women failed to live up to the stereotype of Venus in Virgo because they were too busy having a good time the way Venus in Virgo often does.

So: don’t give me any of your nonsense about Venus being debilitated in Virgo. She may come across as a cool customer, but that’s only because she knows the value of her assets, and often she’s ready to take those assets to market. If you take this approach to your love life in the next month or so, odds are very good that you will get something out of it that you want. And doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun than just sitting at home with your needlepoint waiting for Venus to enter Libra?

Having said that, some of the cliches about Virgo are absolutely true, and one of them is that it is highly skilled at preparation and planning. If you want to put some of that to work in your love life, a good time to start is the New Moon in Virgo, which happens late Tuesday (or early Wednesday depending on your location). Mercury is conjunct Mars in Virgo for this occasion, which will tend to lend some boldness to your thoughts and ideas. Of course, because life has to be interesting, there has to be a twist to your well-crafted New Moon plans, right? The Sun-Moon conjunction (which is what a New Moon is) is in a close quincunx to Uranus. So set up your New Moon intentions wisely, but don’t be surprised that even if they work out, it happens in some very unusual form. But hey, if things work out, there’s nothing wrong with a few surprises, is there?

If nothing else, Venus in Virgo is fond of a neatly-crafted love letter, and Mercury trine Pluto (exact on Friday) ought to help you get your point across firmly (but hopefully not too forcefully — Venus in Virgo prefers subtlety).

There you go. In the caring and thoughtful manner of Venus in Virgo, I’ve helped you apply reason and common sense to fixing your love life. Keep this in mind when the Moon is in Scorpio for Date Night on Friday and Saturday and you’re desperately trying to not let your hormones go wild and blow all that careful planning. You’re welcome.

About Matthew Currie

Matthew Currie is an astrologer with over 20 years of experience, and is the author of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology." Along with Hilary Young, he is the host of "Love And Sex In The Stars" (a show about the intersection of astrology and human hearts) on In his spare time, Matthew shouts at the neighbors a lot.

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