Mars in Pisces, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Mars in Pisces is a sensitive, immersive lover. Moon in Aries needs needs a blunt, challenging lover. The mismatch of energies is significant, but can result in an interesting combination if other factors between their charts indicate compatibility.

Mars in Pisces wants to lose himself in the dream. If he’s attracted to someone, they become his dream. He’ll pull out all the romantic stops with dreamy one-on-one dates and soul-searching interactions. Mars in Pisces can appear to be The Soulmate, at least initially. How he functions in a relationship depends on whether has a grip on his tendency towards escapism and victimization. At his best, he’ll be an incredibly sensitive partner who turns sex into a full-on exploration of fantasies. At his worst, he will lose himself in addictions and avoidance of reality. Mars’ masculine fire is not expressed strongly in watery Pisces, so he may be the passive partner.

Moon in Aries needs someone to fight with. This may sound simplistic, but it’s not too far from the truth. She feels satisfied when she’s being challenged on an emotional level. Her ideal partner understands that she doesn’t want to be too comfortable, and some healthy competition in the relationship is just what Moon in Aries needs. If she’s bored or unsatisfied, she’ll become moody and argumentative.

Mars in Pisces’ gentle approach will not appeal to Moon in Aries. And he may not even approach her, because he’ll be scared off by her masculine energy. But if there is compatibility and chemistry elsewhere, these two will have to deal with the jarring disconnect. Moon in Aries will have to accept that Pisces is not her warrior, but he may be willing to take on that role in the bedroom (if it matches one of his fantasies). Mars in Pisces will have to adjust to Aries’ impatience and pushiness–she needs what she needs, ASAP. He’ll have to step up and take action, or accept that she’ll take matters into her own hands.

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