Love Horoscope for the Week of July 24

There aren’t any Big Bad transits happening this week, but there’s a bit of a slowdown to matters of the heart that may not be the most thrilling news ever — but circumstances can be leveraged to your advantage if you work with the forces that are in the air.

The week begins with a pair of transits that might tend to slow down the progress of your love life (or put a bit of a chill on existing conditions), but that will help you think through the direction of your love life a little more clearly and practically. That may not sound like a lot of fun, but since sometimes love appears to be a form of madness, stopping and being rational can save you a lot of pain in the long run.

First on Monday, Venus in Gemini makes the exact opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. People tend to think of Venus as being nothing but good news and Saturn has nothing but trouble. Put the two of them together and you might think that your love life will just roll over and die this week. That’s not necessarily the case at all. Venus benefits from the structure that Saturn provides, and Lord knows Saturn could use some of the cheering up that Venus can give it. Sometimes slowing down the progress of a relatively new romance can be the wisest path to take, and this opposition will provide that. Besides: if what you’ve got is for real, it could stand a little testing.

With emotional conditions like that in play, now is a good time to sit down and think your strategy through. Mercury trine Uranus, also exact on Monday, gives you the power to do exactly that. Whether you are applying your new and creative ideas to the state of your romance or simply need to find a better way to do things at work, this aspect can lead to some brilliant solutions.

This aspect is still in effect on Tuesday even though Mercury changes signs. Mercury enters Virgo, and this is an exceptionally strong placement for intellectual and organizational work and communicating your thoughts well and wisely. You might want to take advantage of that now, because Mercury turns retrograde on August 12th.

The romantic and sexual dynamics begin to improve towards the weekend. Sun conjunct Mars on Wednesday makes things more energetic, especially sex drives. The weekend is dominated by Venus sextile Uranus (which is exact on Sunday). This lends some excitement to your romantic pursuits and brings with it the opportunity for unusual new attractions. And ultimately if all of that action proves to be too much for you, don’t forget that next week Venus enters Cancer, and the Love Groove becomes more heartfelt and intense and emotional.

About Matthew Currie

Matthew Currie is an astrologer with over 20 years of experience, and is the author of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology." Along with Hilary Young, he is the host of "Love And Sex In The Stars" (a show about the intersection of astrology and human hearts) on In his spare time, Matthew shouts at the neighbors a lot.

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