The Astrologer Daily: March 18, 2017

A conjunction between brainy Mercury and romantic Venus could set off a shower of sparks today. Meeting someone special at a book club, political organization or discussion group is a strong possibility. Don’t be afraid to say hello to someone whose reading choice or social views seem interesting. Devoted partners could also have a meeting of the minds. Take this opportunity to make vacation plans, reach a compromise or simply express affection for each other. Creative types will benefit from signing contracts at this time. If the original agreement isn’t satisfactory, be ready to propose alternatives. Negotiations may work well. Looking ahead, the accomplished Capricorn Moon will form supportive aspects to Mars, Neptune and Pluto on Tuesday. This is a wonderful time to make career plans, go on job interviews or give a public presentation. A cool, calm command of facts and figures will impress the powers-that-be. Is it your birthday today? The coming year could present an opportunity to express yourself in a compelling, beautiful way. It doesn’t matter if you want to write, play music, paint pictures or knit sweaters. You’ll find a creative medium that makes your soul sing with happiness. Let your imagination run wild.

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