The Astrologer Daily: March 17, 2017

Personal ambitions could be frustrated today, due to a square between the ambitious Sun and restrictive Saturn. Trying to take credit for a project could create anger and resentment. It also might disqualify anyone from a big promotion. The powers-that-be are looking for someone who can be a team player. Arrogant attempts at self-promotion will fall flat. An attempt to enforce a strict rule may cause a backlash. This is a no-win situation. Instead of getting defensive, treat this dilemma as a learning experience. Keeping personal and professional matters is critical to staying balanced. Ask friends and family for emotional support. On Monday, the commanding Sun will move into courageous Aries. This is a great time to forge a new path. Venturing into unfamiliar territory will be exhilarating. Take this opportunity to ask someone for a date, apply for a job or put creative work on display. Don’t be timid! If it’s your birthday today, you may have to choose between romantic and professional fulfillment in the year ahead. Either you or your partner might have to leave a job for the sake of your relationship. Moving to another town is a strong possibility. Making a personal sacrifice now will pay off later.

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