The Astrologer Daily: March 14, 2017

The Moon is touring tentative Libra and forms harsh aspects to impulsive Uranus and pushy Pluto. Instead of being influenced by others, it’s better to be guided by objective facts and personal convictions. Steer clear of seductive schemers who have ulterior motives. Someone who wants to get a vote or make a sale won’t paint an accurate picture of what is being offered. In addition, the Moon forms a conjunction to knowledgeable Jupiter. The best way to make an informed opinion is to study, read and exercise critical thinking. Choose reliable sources to learn as much as possible about the decision ahead, whether picking a political candidate or vacuum cleaner. Looking ahead, the egotistical Sun will make a square to forbidding Saturn on Friday. Selfish behavior will make a bad impression on an authority figure. Focus on being a team player instead of a die-hard individualist. Chances for personal advancement will come later. Is it your birthday today? The year ahead will invite you to know your own mind. Rather than being molded and shaped by others, you should form definite opinions about everything from love to work to art to politics. Don’t be so quick to go along with the crowd; discover what you truly feel.

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