Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

This is a serious connection where the partners won’t waste time with trivialities. Mars in Capricorn’s authoritative actions blend with Moon in Scorpio’s need for a strong connection. Both are extremely powerful, but they should be able to work together without butting heads.

Mars in Capricorn is energized by effort and success. He’s prepared to work for his relationship, but he’s not interested in being a martyr. Mars in Capricorn aims to win, and he’s ready for limits and the uphill climb. His partner should expect him to keep pushing forward; he won’t be content to kick back and accept a comfortable life (although he’ll work hard to make their life comfortable). Control is ultimately what drives him. Depending on how he handles this energy, his sexual expression may be suppressed or intensified.

Moon in Scorpio needs a no-limits relationship. Merging is her ultimate goal, although her need for control also makes her incredibly self-protective. The result is a partner who slowly develops trust in her lover, while demanding that he reveal all to her. Moon in Scorpio is passionately loyal and resilient. Almost nothing scares her away, so her lover can rest assured that she’s ready to handle whatever he throws at her. However, violation of her trust is an immediate deal-breaker.

Mars in Capricorn will impress Scorpio with his strength and determination, and he’ll be drawn to her quiet intensity. He’ll sense that he’s found someone who takes relationships as seriously as he does. Moon in Scorpio will gradually encourage Capricorn to loosen his controlling tendencies. She’ll do this so skillfully that he won’t be aware of what’s happening. He’ll still be “in charge” of the relationship on the surface, but underneath, Scorpio will use her emotional power to maintain her authority. And she’ll trust him, because he won’t give her any reason not to. Together, these two will create a deeply bonded union.

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