Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Libra Compatibility

This couple has an edgy chemistry, based on the tension between Mars in Capricorn’s businesslike approach and Moon in Libra’s need for romance. Libra’s dissatisfaction may actually increase Capricorn’s motivation. He’ll have something to prove, and she just might be won over by his efforts.

Mars in Capricorn is serious about winning the object of his affection. While he can be cautious at first, once his ambitions are triggered, he’ll put all his efforts into impressing a prospective partner. Mars in Capricorn’s actions may not be swooningly romantic, but he does know how to impress with examples of status he’s achieved through hard work. He’ll offer his partner concrete proof that he can look after himself, as well as her. And he’ll continue to do this throughout the relationship.

Moon in Libra needs grace and beauty. She feels most secure when everything’s “pretty.” This can range from a beautifully decorated home to a partnership where harmony comes first. Moon in Libra responds best to a lover who meets her need for romantic touches, and in return, she’ll go out of her way to ensure he’s happy. The downside is suppressing her needs in favor of her partner’s.

Mars in Capricorn will be up for the challenge that Moon in Libra presents. She may not even be aware she’s challenging him, but her disinterest in his somewhat dry efforts will spur him on. His drive for success will be activated, because he’s accustomed to overcoming obstacles. His version of pulling out all the stops may not be flashy, but he will impress Libra with evidence of his hard work (especially if expensive items are present). He’s practical, but proof of status is important to him. And, Libra is drawn to nice things. In her heart, she’s conservative–Capricorn’s traditional vibe will enhance her security, and she’ll be comfortable with his authority. If they do become involved, there will a constant tension between his no-nonsense approach and her need for frivolity. But he can keep her grounded, while she reminds him that a balance between work and play is a good thing.

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