The Astrologer Daily: February 17, 2017

Instead of taking people at their word, pay attention to their behavior. Today’s Scorpio Moon forms a beneficial angle to observant Pluto. This makes it easy to detect hidden motives and underlying ambitions. If it feels like someone has a crush, they probably do. Be guided by intuition instead of reason. Romance is especially favored now that emotions are lying so close to the surface. A powerful chemistry between two people indicates a promising relationship. Stop trying to downplay signals like butterflies in the stomach; they could be pointing the way to lifelong happiness. Love may defy logic, but its impact is real, powerful and transformative. Looking ahead, versatile Mercury will make a sextile to futuristic Uranus on Monday. Learning cutting-edge techniques and mastering the latest gadgets is strongly advised. Be open to getting trained by a young teacher who is only just out of school. If it’s your birthday today, you could uncover some hidden talents in the year ahead. Instead of taking a path that other people recommend, trust your own instincts. Pursuing an unusual career path or getting involved with an offbeat love interest could result in a big breakthrough. Your authentic self is beckoning; obey its call.

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