Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Gemini

Mars in Capricorn’s defined actions will sit uneasily with Moon in Gemini’s need for flexibility. Gemini will feel that Capricorn is uptight, and Capricorn will find Gemini to be annoyingly scattered. This awkward pairing will require awareness and willingness to adjust, from both partners.

Mars in Capricorn has a set course of action. Once he has a romantic goal in mind, he applies his considerable ambition and determination to achieve it. He wants to impress his lover with proof of how successful he is, and will be. This involves direct, focused actions. However, for all his assertiveness, Mars in Capricorn is extremely cautious. He does not enter into a relationship lightly. Commitment is his end game.

Moon in Gemini needs variety. This Mercury-ruled Moon is most secure with a lover who openly discusses everything, because she processes her feelings by talking about them. Moon in Gemini’s short attention span and shifting moods can be frustrating for the lover who wants consistency. She’s uncomfortable with rigid routines and deep conversations, preferring to touch lightly on whatever topic feels right, and then move on. However, this also makes her a lively partner who’s always ready to update (or reboot) her relationship.

Mars in Capricorn’s efforts to impress Gemini will fall flat. She may view him as boring, and he’ll quickly sense that she has no patience for his actions-speak-louder-than words approach. That may be the end of their story. However, if other aspects in their charts create sufficient chemistry, these two could give it a shot. Capricorn will have to accept that Gemini’s chattering (which he finds so annoying) is essential for her well-being. And her lack of structure is simply part of who she is. Mars in Capricorn can take charge of this relationship (he wants to be the boss, anyway) and keep the whole thing running efficiently. Meanwhile, Moon in Gemini may find it satisfying to pursue her own interests, since she won’t have to worry about the practical issues. But, she will be happy with the fact that Mars in Capricorn keeps the union moving forward — these two will never stagnate together.

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