Four Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard for an Aries

Many people would claim that the path to love is anything but straightforward. Try arguing that with an Aries, though. With a vision as clear as daylight, Aries sets off in pursuit of his goal with the strong expectation of attaining it. Why should love be an exception? According to Aries, love is like anything in life: you see it, you want it, you go get it.

This uncomplicated attitude that Aries embodies can make the rest of the zodiac look like a bunch of frightened hand wringers stalling on the sideline. If you are one such ambivalent member of the human race, you may very well marvel at Aries’ direct immersion into pretty much any experience he desires. And that’s just one of the reasons why you could trip head over heels for this Ram.

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1. Inspiration

It’s an interesting irony that Aries rules the head, for this go-getter lives anywhere but in her head. She is the essence of thought in action; there’s very little gap between her intention and her applied energy to fulfill that intention. If you’ve ever witnessed an Aries with a purpose, you can appreciate how she shares her sparks of inspiration.

It’s not through the telling of it, though. For all the buzz that Aries gets for turning any conversation into a me me me affair, she’s far less interested in talk than in action — and this is how she transfers the spark of inspiration from her heart to yours. Rather than describe to you her intention, she expertly models the behavior of who she aspires to be, even if she hasn’t quite got all of the pieces to the puzzle yet.

It makes sense when you consider the primary experience of Aries, which is I AM. And who I AM is, according to an Aries, is wide open, in terms of possibility. Naturally associated with the 1st House of identity, Aries evolves herself through the discovery and ongoing development of her individual identity. And it is this imperative to develop her identity that results in Aries determining her own vibration through sheer force of intention, rather than letting external forces shape her will or manipulate her vibe.

So if Aries decides one day that she wants to make films, for example, she will buy a camera, grab a volunteer crew and — here’s the clincher: whether she has any prior experience or not, she will practice the art of film-making until she’s confident she knows what she needs to. If ever there was an ambassador for put your money where your mouth is, it’s Aries.

2. Courage

It takes courage to go after what you want, even if external circumstances appear to block the road to progress. And this is where Aries excels. Guided as he is by ruling planet Mars, Aries thinks less of what could go wrong, and simply focuses on the task. Consider also his animal totem, the Ram. With an in-built defense system (those large curled horns) and split hooves with good grips, the Ram can negotiate all kinds of treacherous terrain.

Now, illustratively speaking, if the terrain becomes so treacherous that even Aries can’t successfully maneuver it, he smells a fix. That’s when he swells with righteous anger. Yes, there’s an inferno blazing inside that Aries heart. He belongs to the fire element, after all. And when he is filled with righteous anger, it becomes the fuel that catalyzes change for the better. Spurred on by militant Mars, he’ll risk his head on the chopping block to effect beneficial change — not just for himself, but also for the collective. So much for it’s all about me.

3. Faith

Here’s the foundation of Aries’ phenomenal inspiration and courage: complete faith in the success of the outcome. Consider Aries’ cardinal placement in the zodiac: it’s the first sign. The arrival of Aries season signals the arrival of Spring. Anyone who lives in the northern hemisphere may be excused for equating Spring with a kind of miracle after many months of cold weather and frozen land. This natural cycle mirrors the mind-set of Aries: Her internal Spring, success, or new shot is guaranteed as surely as is the arrival of Spring.

Even the natural attunement of Aries to the 1st House hints at this expected new chapter. In terms of the hour of day, the 1st House is equated to sunrise. Again, we have this image of a new beginning (so synonymous with the sign of Aries), another chance, a miracle. The interesting thing about a miracle, though, is it happens because one has faith that it will — one expects it to. This is Aries through and through. Her faith has nothing to do with a religious concept but, rather, an expectation of herself and of life. This is not egotistic entitlement, mind you; it’s the well-placed confidence in herself to triumph, as well as the exhilaration of her full Being-ness. There’s a type of spiritual mastery here that is worthy of learning from.

4. Aries/Mars in Your Chart

  • Aries on the 7th House Cusp, Mars in the 7th House, 7th House Ruler in hard aspect to Mars: If your 7th House cusp has Aries there, you were born with Libra Rising. Life gets filtered according to how others might perceive you and your actions. In a sense, it can be like watching your life through a window without the sense of actual involvement. To partner with an Aries, then, teaches you how to include yourself in each equation of your life, and how to jump into your life through actual experience, rather than objective evaluation. If Mars is in your 7th House, you expect hot sex to be part and parcel of a committed relationship, which suits an Aries just fine. If the ruler of your 7th House forms an opposition or square to Mars, you grapple with drive and ambition — how much is too much? By merging with an Aries, that frictive energy finds a relatively easy outlet.
  • Venus or Mars in the 1st House, or Mars in hard aspect to Venus: When either of the cosmic lovers is in your natal 1st House of Identity, the stakes are high in relationships. With Venus there, you have a magnetic energy that draws someone with a strong Martian flavor to you like a moth to a flame. If Mars is there, you will fight and advocate for what you want. Aries is no stranger to such scenarios. If Mars happens to make a dynamic angle with Venus in your chart, you get off on the pursuit. Sure, you’d like to land your lover, but where’s the fun if it’s too easy? This delicious game of hunt and seek is like butter to an Aries. Go get’ em!


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  1. I am an Aries (born April 11, 1983). She is a Pisces (born March 1, 1987). We met on a dating app and immediately on the first date we knew we had a strong connection (there was a lot of physical touch, flirting and eventual kissing). From that point on, I could tell she was into me – messaging me continuously, talking about wanting to take things slow because her emotions were getting the best of her, etc. For the next three weeks, we talked or texted everyday, sometimes all day long. It was great. I have never laughed with someone like that before. After dating so many women (some shallow, some boring) in NYC, she was a breath of fresh air for this big city boy (she comes from a small town in Colorado).

    Third weekend into our dating phase, she had to cancel a Saturday date due to a friend’s emergency – a date I had been planning for a week. I was a little annoyed but understood it happens. That evening we had an awkward exchange via text (she asked me my plans for the evening and I said my plans were to hang out with her). Next day (Sunday), we go about our day and now I am giving her some space and time because I figure she is with her friend. That evening, another awkward text – I was a little buzzed and when I didn’t get a response to a question from her, I told her I had to go to sleep and that “I guess I would talk to her later”. From that point, things kept getting weirder. She had a really busy week and mine was very slow. So I would text her and get one or two sentence responses. It was completely different from the week before. Tuesday she tells me that things have felt weird since Saturday after the cancellation – I say no, it was a misunderstanding. We start chatting a bit more again and clearly her energy is off. I play it cool and send her some music I wanted to share. Don’t hear back all day, so in the evening message her good night and tell her it’s okay if she didn’t like the music – it was just a tester. Next morning I get a cold text – “not that I didn’t like your music but I was busy and couldn’t respond. I’m going to be busy for the next little while so don’t want to be an asshole to you, but i can’t respond immediately”. I say it’s totally cool – I understand. No need to feel like an asshole.

    Here’s where I messed up. Tuesday, when she said things got weird after Saturday, she mentioned that she had a big presentation on Wednesday evening. I decided to order her some flowers because she had mentioned no one had ever did that for her. Wednesday I got that awkward text but I did not cancel the flowers. Thursday morning I get one line – “Thank you for the flowers”. The whole week I could feel in my gut things were getting bad. This was my proof. Foolishly on Thursday, I write her a long text apologizing for maybe being frustrated about the cancellation, telling her how I felt about her and about how I missed our energy from a week ago – from when things were “felt really good”, according to her. Saturday morning she writes “while I appreciate the clarification, after giving it some thought this week, I am not ready to date or be in something serious. I’m sorry”.

    I was devastated (and still am, a bit, after 4 days). I don’t know if I should contact her letting when cooler heads have prevailed or if I should let this one go. I really wanted to see if there was potential in this relationship and contrary to my previous strategy, I know I came on too strong. In fact, if the roles were reversed, I would have been turned off too. I know I made a mistake but I can’t help but think this ended too soon. I know there are plenty of fish in the sea, but this fish was a good one, especially in a place like NYC. What do you suggest I do?

    Thank you so much for providing any advice.

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