The Astrologer Daily: January 11, 2017

Self-indulgence could be a problem, due to a square between the proud Sun and over-the-top Jupiter. Instead of taking the easy way out, play by the rules. Showing respect for procedure will be more productive than pushing to the front of the line. If there’s an emergency involved, be polite about expressing the need to cut corners. Don’t assume permission to flout authority will automatically be granted. This is not the time to go solo or assert independence. By pooling resources and participating in team efforts, movement will occur. Stubbornly insisting on doing things a particular way will fall flat. Looking ahead, Saturday finds the creative Leo Moon making supportive angles to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Seize this opportunity to develop an art project. Writing a book, playing music or making handicrafts could be uplifting. If it’s your birthday today, you may feel compelled to take risks you ordinarily wouldn’t. This could lead to setbacks unless you’re careful. Instead of letting blind faith be your guide, take a more practical approach to your goals. Study, work hard and be honest when assessing your progress.

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