The Astrologer Daily: January 10, 2017

The determined Sun forms a square to unpredictable Uranus today, causing shocking disruptions. It may be impossible to protect someone from doing damage to themselves. Instead of jumping to another person’s rescue, let the chips fall where they may. Until this self-destructive individual learns to accept the consequences for their actions, they’ll continue to rebel. A sextile between courageous Mars and therapeutic Pluto makes it possible to turn lemons into lemonade. Instead of walking away from difficult relationships, try to repair them. A direct approach will be effective. Tell someone if they’ve hurt your feelings or if their behavior makes you miserable. On Friday, the fun-loving Leo Moon poses a welcome opportunity for play. Go to a party, meet friends for a movie or enjoy a casual date. The mood will be light and festive; vow to deal with problems on another day. Is it your birthday today? Beware of engaging in impulsive behavior. You’ve grown tired of treading the same path, but abandoning everything you’ve created will be a terrible mistake. If you long for a breath of fresh air, take up an unusual hobby. Work unorthodox hours. Experiment with different looks. Be inventive, not destructive.

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