Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

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Here’s an ultra-hot couple with a lust for exploration. Mars in Sagittarius’ spontaneous actions will satisfy his Moon partner’s need for the same. Her inner traveller will join Mars for the adventure of a lifetime.

Mars in Sagittarius pushes the boundaries. He knows there’s more out there, and it’s his mission to discover the unexplored country. While he’s at it, Mars in Sag will push his lover’s boundaries. He’ll trample over any issues (in and out of the bedroom) that he considers to be petty or restrictive. While he does this with a winning smile and playful attitude, not all partners can handle his brand of honesty. His best match is someone who isn’t oversensitive or controlling.

In her heart, Moon in Sagittarius needs an escape route. She may be straight-laced on the surface (depending on her Sun sign) but underneath she craves open horizons. Moon in Sag can be in the most loving relationship, but she’ll only be truly satisfied (and secure) if she feels that she has the freedom to step out. And she may never take that step, if she’s with the right partner. What this might look like is an understanding lover who allows her time and space to explore new things, while joining her on the occasional adventure.

There will be an immediate attraction between these two, with Mars in Sag taking the lead. Moon in Sagittarius will meet each of his passionate, unpretentious actions with an equally warm and enthusiastic response. The relationship will accelerate quickly, since neither partner likes to take things slow. And why should they? They’ve met their match with each other. Mars’ desire for an honest, unfettered life will suit his Moon partner perfectly, since that’s exactly what she needs.

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