Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

At first glance, Moon in Pisces will be too sensitive for Mars in Sagittarius’ uncensored actions. However, both these signs are interested in limitless possibilities (albeit in very different ways). Their shared belief in something more could be a major point of compatibility.

Mars in Sagittarius wants to take things as far as he can. Whether he’s pursuing a potential partner or pushing the boundaries in an existing relationship, he must have the freedom to expand. Generally, this makes him a daringly optimistic lover who’s a joy to be around. But sometimes his lack of attention to the finer points means his actions can be insensitive. Mars in Sagittarius gets so excited about what’s coming up next, that he often tramples over his partner’s concerns.

Moon in Pisces needs something to believe in.  At her core, she wants to transcend limits and reality, which means she feels most secure when her relationship has a touch of magic. Moon in Pisces can absorb her partner’s feelings. She’s so empathetic that she needs some periods of isolation to recharge and reconfirm her needs (so she can separate them from her lover’s). She is a wonderfully supportive, but somewhat fragile, partner.

Mars in Sagittarius will be intrigued by Pisces’ sensitivity, and he’ll adore her willingness to believe in him. He’ll have no trouble sweeping her off her feet. After some time, Moon in Pisces may feel that Sagittarius is not being considerate, and Sagittarius may become impatient with Pisces’ tendency to retreat when she’s hurt. It will seem that almost anything he does or says is insensitive — his off-color jokes, impulsive actions and rambunctious approach to sex. But if Mars in Sagittarius can slightly moderate his approach, and Moon in Pisces learns how to say “No” when she’s not in the mood for his playfulness, these two can have a fairly optimistic relationship. Sag’s good humor will take the edge off his his blunter actions, and Pisces will be buoyed up by his sense of adventure.

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