How to Tell If Venus in Pisces Likes You Back

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If you’re swimming in the same waters as someone with Venus in Pisces–much like the tides–you can’t help but get lulled into his hypnotic rhythm. It’s very telling that Pisces’ modern ruler Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, so that those with a strong Piscean signature ultimately elevate romantic love to agape. Added to this is another divine connection between Venus and Neptune: Venus is exalted in Neptune’s sign. And so it is that Venus is at her most magnetic and alluring in Pisces’ oceanic depths.

The Piscean vibe is attuned to spiritual empowerment, imagination, and creative output. But, just as the tide washes in and then out again, Venus in Pisces has a flair for escapism. His superpower of popping in and out of the quantum field is compelling. You can never quite get enough of him. It sets up a cycle of delicious yearning for the seemingly unattainable. Yet Venus in Pisces isn’t gaming you if he pulls a Houdini. It’s not a strategy he intentionally employs to adopt an air of mystique; rather, he is simply re-filling his well through a brief and necessary retreat.

No wonder. With natural sonar that picks up on every ripple in the collective, she is the zodiac’s ultimate psychic sponge. Venus in Pisces likely coined the term all the feels. For this mermaid to survive the din and clamor of mundane reality, she must occasionally dive into her incredibly detailed imagination (or the real world, as she prefers to think of it) in order to find her own center again. This here one moment and gone the next thing is slippery to interpret. Is she ghosting you…is she siren-calling you…in short–is she into you or not? When you’re dealing with the ethereal energy of Venus in Pisces, deciphering her seductive arts is like trying to glue ocean surf to the shoreline. Still, there are some telltale signs that Venus in Pisces is hooked on you:

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The Soft Approach

Suppose he silently sits next to you and just hangs out in your energy for a moment. He’s not about imposing himself on you, especially if you too are silent. It would be almost sacrilege to interrupt the private reverie of your thoughts. Once you acknowledge him, he will warm up the waters a bit. You share a funny moment, perhaps. All of this is setting the scene for the eventual moment when he softly tells you that there’s just something about you that makes him feel like he can be himself with you.

And so the dance begins. He is leading, though you may have no idea yet. If you’re savvy to his cue, you will recognize that what he’s really saying is that he feels a connection with you. If this is his first attempt to reach out, it’s easy to miss. So listen up, because he may as well be confessing that you’re on his mind all the time. Wouldn’t it be simpler if he just said so, in as many words? Sure, but Venus in Pisces needs to sense where you’re at before spilling too much.

There’s a bit of a puzzle to piece together, inasmuch as Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Each one has an affinity for promoting the spiritual growth that Venus in Pisces seeks. Whereas Jupiter helps him evolve through cultural and philosophical exploration, Neptune’s tutelage involves sacred imagination and symbolism. Until these two approaches are artfully blended–one being left-brain, and the other right-brain–this guy can barely trust himself. How is he supposed to trust you until he sees what you do with his initially soft approach? If he remarks that there’s a special connection between you, hear the cue, wait for the downbeat, then join the dance–even if he’s the only one who can hear the music.

You Show Me Yours

Those born with Venus in Pisces have a refined emotional body. This is hardly surprising, given that Pisces belongs to the water element, symbolic of the realm of feelings. This mermaid senses your emotional strength or vulnerability with uncanny ease and accuracy, and then offers you the salve you may not even have known you need. If she whispers that you can tell her anything at all, and she will never judge, she means it. She really won’t judge. She is naturally compassionate, one of the hallmarks of the Piscean realm.

But don’t miss the finer point here: as she lays herself down like a bridge over your troubled waters, she’s also making a play for you. And it can be surprisingly seductive. Outside of talk therapy, how many people get free reign to just talk about themselves without fear of judgment?

And I’ll Show You Mine

The irony of Venus in Pisces offering himself as your confessor, your healer, your shoulder to cry on, is that he is often ill-equipped to provide for himself in some very basic way. Perhaps he experiences a lack of income because he’s a musician–a typical (and underpaid) avenue for Venus in Pisces. Or maybe he’s got this girlfriend that he wants to leave but he can’t just yet because her cat just died and it would be so cruel to leave her now… you get the idea. As much as he wants to take you under his angel wings, he is often in a state of turmoil himself.

And so out comes a piece of poetry that he just wrote. Or a snippet of a song he’s trying to get just right. It is his melancholy story. It also happens to be Venus in Pisces’ code for take me home with you. And, of course, you will. Because this guy can express himself in ways that would make even Elizabeth Barrett Browning say, “Damn, wish I’d thought of that.” When Venus in Pisces pulls you into his undertow, it’s kind of hot. You wonder if anyone in the world has ever needed you so much. Likely no one has. If you need him as much as he needs you, take this guy home already.


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