How To Tell If Venus in Aquarius Likes You Back

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If you’ve got a thing for Venus in Aquarius, you might want to get in line. This is one of the most fascinating people you will ever encounter. She’s a real mix of all things classic and modern. She is also simultaneously group-oriented and isolationist. This only adds to her mystique. No wonder it’s easy to misread her signals.

He’s not trying to be mysterious with you, understand. It’s just that Venus in Aquarius reports to two planetary rulers–both Saturn and Uranus–and these two giants have very different vibes. While Saturn upholds tradition, Uranus breaks the mold and finds a twist on that tradition. Picture a gray suit with a flash of purple socks peeking out. Venus in Aquarius has a foot in two camps.

Adding to this complexity is the fact that Venus in Aquarius behaves pretty much the same way with everybody. She’s a humanitarian, after all. In true Uranian fashion, she believes that everyone under the Sun has their own magic to contribute to the world, so she greets everyone–from the person behind the convenience store counter to the VP of a major bank–in the same relaxed manner, and treats everyone with the same respect.

If Venus in Aquarius has favorite people, he’s considerate enough to avoid making it obvious to those outside of his inner circle. How then, are you supposed to know if he’s into you? Here are some telltale signs that this democratic dude is partial to what you’ve got:

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Feeling Friendly

It starts with friendship. Nobody gets past go until Venus in Aquarius is sure there’s enough common ground between you to enjoy hanging out. Do not underestimate the emphasis that she places on friendship.

First of all, the whole Aquarian vibe resonates naturally with the 11th House of friendship and group energy. Secondly, what’s the big rush? That same 11th House also furnishes our hopes and wishes. Venus in Aquarius has a visionary outlook that sees the bigger picture–that’s Uranus’ influence. Moreover, she trusts that the bigger picture will develop in its own sweet and proper time–which is Saturn’s domain. She’s got your whole twosome future in her mind’s eye. Provided you give her a hint that you’re into her, she sees your eventual transition into lovers as a fait accompli.

But she’ll keep that tucked away and simply move one step at a time, patiently allowing for good things to ripen. Venus in Aquarius relishes the journey of your developing relationship in all of its stages. Think of architect Saturn helping her build some relationship scaffolding. She’s not afraid to climb out on a ledge, but that ledge needs to be stable enough to support some of the wild Uranian things she’s game to try with you eventually.

If she’s into you, her preliminary fantasies are about getting to know you better in a platonic way. Super dry? Not if you understand what’s motivating her: she adores that hint of Uranian taboo that Saturn’s obstacles present–such as, we’re just meant to be colleagues (or friends or classmates or strangers or…) but I’m hot and bothered for you, and this isn’t the time or place to let on. It may or may not be ‘appropriate.’ One of you may or may not be spoken for. Oops. So she imagines everyday mundane scenarios whereby the two of you connect.

These daydreams are her safe way to practice how she’s finally going to ask you to meet up with her, without embarrassing herself (remember dignified Saturn) or flipping you out. She’s learned the hard way that something about her is ‘different,’ and that not everyone can handle her. So, a la Saturn, she starts off with a cautious approach:

Hey, do you wanna grab a coffee and try and figure out how we’re going to tackle this latest assignment? If that’s all she gives you at first, that’s already a lot. Before she sticks her neck out any further, she wants a neutral environment to assess whether the chemistry she feels is in her mind or if it’s mutual.

If she’s into you, Venus in Aquarius hopes for your friendship to blossom into romance. For her, anticipation is part of the thrill of romance. As far as she’s concerned, if you’re as into her as she is into you, your love story will have begun long before either of you approached the other.

Quirks and Quarks

Venus in Aquarius is not above disguising amorous feelings under a brilliant and iconic sense of humor. This is the influence of Uranus. He will deliver a genius comeback without missing a beat, whenever the opportunity presents itself. So you could be excused for dismissing his quirky quips as no more than a great sense of comedic timing. Don’t. He’s using this as another safe way to signal that he’s vying for your attention.

Picture this: you’re walking together towards that café where you’re meeting to discuss “work” (at least, that’s his story). It is raining en route. He removes a leaf from a tree and holds it above your head as an umbrella. He’s flirting with you. Yes, really. This is Venus in Aquarius at his freest and finest. If you can avoid a comeback like, “Weirdo,” it will help move things along quite nicely–all the more so if you offer to hold the umbrella.


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  1. Great writing. This is completely true. I’m Venus in Aquarius.

  2. Love being a sag says:

    This one sucks all the men in my life I get this one always I am a women Scorpio in Venus I have to be touched this one is crapy They should be alone they have no romance at all

  3. my son has venus & mars in Aquarius. I can relate to much if what is written here.

  4. Venus in Aquarius – (7th) – NAILED IT!

    I am forwarding this to my girl.

    She is gonna laugh and probably look up everything now!

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