Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Mars in Sagittarius’ adventurous spirit may be too much for Moon in Virgo. Virgo needs precision, and Sagittarius lives for the big possibilities. This connection may be more irritating than romantic, but it will create an interesting challenge.

Mars in Sagittarius is all about the leaps. The leap of faith, leaping into something new, leaping ahead — he combines optimism with a restless desire to keep moving. Mars in Sagittarius also likes big gestures, which can range from courting a prospective partner to sweeping her away on his next adventure, even when they’ve been together for years. He’s a fun, passionate lover who refuses to dwell on what might go wrong.

Moon in Virgo needs to control her relationship by improving it. While she may seem like she’s willing to “serve” her partner, in reality she’s establishing an intricate web of routines and upgrades that will target areas of weakness. Moon in Virgo feels secure when she can make things better, which involves looking after her lover while ensuring that he follows her instructions.

Mars in Sag may be intrigued by Virgo’s aura of purity and reserve. He’ll charge in and attempt to sweep her off her feet. Moon in Virgo will be charmed, at first. But she’ll panic when she realizes that he could care less about the little things that matter to her. It’s not that Sagittarius won’t care about her, but he won’t see the point in her fussing and fretting. If they begin a relationship, she’ll be in a continual state of anxiety as she attempts to keep him in line, while he’ll be supremely annoyed by her nagging. When he attempts to laugh things off, Moon in Virgo will feel hurt. If these two are going to make it work, Moon in Virgo will need to realize that Sagittarius will never conform to her standards. He’ll always be a work in progress (and this will will be appealing to her, on some level). Mars in Sag will have to respect his Virgo partner’s need for detail, even if it frustrates him. They will each provide the other with an ongoing challenge, and it must be said that these signs would get bored if things were easy.

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  1. good analysis nadia. I think moon being a soft planet, whenever it forms any kind of connection with mars, it feels the intensity very much and behaves accordingly.

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