Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

Mars in Sagittarius may be too optimistic for Moon in Scorpio. Sag reaches for the humor in every situation, and Scorpio will feel that this approach is annoyingly superficial. However, both these signs are explorers, albeit in very different ways.

Mars in Sagittarius’ actions are driven by his desire for freedom, expansion and truth. His approach is uncensored but cheerful, as he sees no point in wasting time once he’s attracted to someone. Mars in Sagittarius can be a tad pushy and insensitive, but he makes up for this with playful passion and refusal to take offense. If he does get angry, it’s usually triggered by something he perceives is unethical (according to him).

Moon in Scorpio needs to experience the deepest possible connection with her partner. She feels most secure when she has uncovered everything about him, because she exercises control through absolute knowledge. She needs to have her own secrets while ensuring that her lover has none. This makes Moon in Scorpio a relentless partner who pushes for extreme intimacy. But she is also relentlessly loyal, once her trust has been earned.

Mars in Sagittarius will attempt to win Scorpio over with his jokes, but this approach will fall flat. The easy charm that works on almost everyone will raise Moon in Scorpio’s suspicions–she’ll wonder what this guy is really after. Sagittarius will quickly become impatient with Scorpio’s impenetrable barriers, and he’ll move on. But if other aspects between their charts are strong enough, they may bond over their mutual love of truth and exploration. Moon in Scorpio looks underneath and inside, and Mars in Sagittarius strives for the Big Truth. Both want the real story, although Sag can exaggerate things. If they can sync their different approaches, they will create a powerful relationship that pushes all the limits.

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