Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Mars in Sagittarius’ big leaps will feel waayy too big for Moon in Cancer. She needs to keep it cozy, while he craves freedom to explore. However, both can be very loving, in different ways. If they can reach an understanding, this could be a relationship with a non-stop supply of passion and affection.

Mars in Sagittarius is not shy. When he’s attracted to someone new, or wants to start something with an existing partner, he’s bold, enthusiastic and completely open about what he wants. His motto could be “Let’s go!” concerning any part of the relationship–sex, travel, an evening out. Mars in Sagittarius approaches everything with pushy confidence, leavened with a playful attitude. The best way for his partner to support him is to go along with his latest adventure. The best way for her to turn him off would be a refusal to try anything new, while telling him he “should” calm down or be careful. He’ll interpret this as a lack of faith.

Moon in Cancer needs safety and reassurance. She’s a cautious partner, and her fears and comforts are rooted in primal security needs that go back to childhood. However, once Moon in Cancer has determined that her lover is safe, she’ll open up and become an ultra-loving, nurturing partner. Her need to provide care is so intense, she can become smothering–if she had her way, she’d keep her partner swaddled in the same cocoon she lives in.

Mars in Sagittarius will gallop towards Cancer, and she’ll retreat. His first moves may be too loud and boisterous, as Moon in Cancer needs time before she trusts. Sag may lose patience and look elsewhere. But if other connections between these two are strong enough, Sagittarius will remain intrigued, and he’ll keep trying. Moon in Cancer may eventually be won over by his warmth and confidence–here’s someone who could protect her. Mars in Sagittarius will be delighted when he discovers Cancer’s emotional side, and he’ll match this with large amounts of energetic loving. But he won’t be so delighted by her possessive care. He’ll want to go out while she’ll prefer to stay in and snuggle on the couch. He’ll make a joke about it, which will hurt her feelings. If these two are going to make it work, Sag will have to dial it back just a bit, while Cancer will need to realize that he must have freedom to move. And everything he does is not meant to hurt her feelings.

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