Four Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard For A Leo

  Credit: monchak via iStockphoto

Credit: monchak via iStockphoto

There’s something about a Leo that turns heads the minute she makes an entrance. The first thing you’ll likely notice about her is her hair. Given that Leo’s symbol is the Lion, an iconic mane immediately sets her apart. But there’s a lot more going on with Leo than a great head of hair. Here are four attributes that will set you on fire if you happen to encounter her magic spark:

1. Turn Up the Heat

Ruled as he is by the Sun, and operating through fire’s element, Leo exudes sincere warmth. And he possesses an instinctive ability to dial it up or down. That’s an admirable quality that speaks of self-awareness, given how easy it can be for a Leo to dominate any situation. So he artfully assesses the environment he’s in, with a drive to remain visible yet appropriate. It’s very telling that Leo rules the heart–the center of the body–for this is where he resides and acts from. Yes, Leo can walk a fine line between egotism and higher consciousness. Integrating heart and ego is part of his journey. Yet he consistently returns to the warmth and generosity of that heart fire blazing within him. Try and resist this; it’s about as easy as backing away from a cozy fire in a chalet.

2.Turn Up the Volume

Leo is no shrinking violet. If you hear a great roar of laughter, it’s likely coming from a Lioness. She is outgoing and vivacious to the point of being gregarious. She unabashedly savors every moment of fun that presents itself. And should there be a deficit of pleasure, she will conjure it up. She possesses a passion for life that sparks every thing and person she touches. The Lion’s energy also makes Leo a born leader; she is downright sizzling, whether in the boardroom or the boudoir. If you fall for Leo, prepare to live large and out loud.

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3.Turn Up the Lights

There’s a reason why Leo comes across as a superstar. He is governed by the Sun, central to life here on Earth. The Sun is our day star, and Leo resonates naturally and wholeheartedly with star power. It’s no coincidence that a great number of Leos flock to the stage lights. There’s something exciting and uplifting about being in the presence of one who radiates confidence, and who commands attention center stage. When you hook up with Leo, you take some of his fearless performance energy into your own system. It might manifest as a sense of inspiration. Falling for Leo means having an inexhaustible supply of mega wattage eureka moments, with a built-in champion of all that you hold dear to your heart as well.

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