Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces

Mars in Scorpio will engulf Moon in Pisces. His desire to push past all limits — and her lack of boundaries — will lead to complete enmeshment. He’ll call the shots, while protecting his ultra-sensitive partner.

Mars in Scorpio is all about his hypnotic approach and relentless actions. Initially, his partner may think he’s only interested in the ultimate sexual connection. While sex is important to him, it’s also his vehicle to the ultimate form of intimacy: an honest, deeply committed bond with no forbidden zones. At the same time, he’ll always maintain a few secrets of his own as a source of power. Mars in Scorpio will take his lover on an internal journey that will permanently transform both of them.

Moon in Pisces needs quiet magic. This involves a partner who is sensitive to her feelings and her need for periodic withdrawal. She’s an odd combination of complete willingness to merge with her lover, mixed with a need to have her own private fantasy world. Moon in Pisces’ emotional receptivity makes her one of the most empathetic Moon signs — she’ll feel whatever her partner is feeling, so he really can’t hide anything from her.

Mars in Scorpio will zero in on Pisces’ empathetic energy, and he’ll move in for the kill. It won’t take much for him to sweep her off her feet, and Moon in Pisces may feel a bit helpless in the face of Scorpio’s power. But barring any victim/victimizer connections between them, this union can be a passionate, healing combination. Scorpio will gently initiate Pisces into his depths, and she’ll go willingly, once she senses he’ll look after her. Pisces will instinctively supply all the openness that Scorpio wants, because his desire for privacy will mesh perfectly with her need for withdrawal. When he gets too focused on the Shadow, she’ll remind him that there’s light and hope.

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