Four Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard For A Virgo

People born into the Virgo tribe are endowed with a fascinating mix of energy that makes them at once intellectually stimulating and sexually intriguing. Though many a Virgo will do his best to fly under the radar, there is nevertheless a larger-than-life presence within him that is palpable to the rest of us. If you haven’t yet encountered the virtues of a Virgo, here are some reasons why you might want to move in a little closer:

1. Sex and The Virgin

For some it’s a mind bender to attribute Virgo with a pronounced sexy streak. After all, Virgo is the celestial virgin. It is in this sign’s energy field that one can unwittingly fall into the Madonna/Whore complex that plagues much of our culture. So let’s get real about Virgo and clear up some of the erroneous ideas that are projected onto her. Screw the virgin. The modern definition of virgin is a distant cousin to the original meaning–which is an autonomous woman; one who did not ‘belong’ to a man, back in the days when women weren’t quite ‘persons.’ Often, in ancient times, a virgin or maiden or unmarried woman was sexually uninitiated, as was expected of unmarried women. Then again, some virgins actually worked as sacred prostitutes, and this was a culturally accepted tradition.

Today we have a somewhat narrow definition of virgin, which can lead to an incorrect assumption that Virgo is a sexually repressed sign that would be most comfortable living out her days in a convent. Not correct. Consider that this is an earth sign, which makes Virgo very comfortable in her body. While she may consider it a temple–from a hygiene and nutritional stance–Virgo is open for business, so to speak. So here’s the real deal: Virgos are into sex. Hot lovin’ non-puritanical guilt-free sex. And they really care about your satisfaction. Interested yet?

2. Helping Hands

It’s not just your sexual satisfaction that Virgo wants to ensure. He’s genuinely interested in attending to any matters that would make your life easier. He listens very carefully to all that you say; not only does he want to enjoy stimulating conversations, but he’s also tuning into your expressed and implied needs. That’s because Virgo wants to fulfill those needs. Now don’t take this to mean that he’ll let you walk all over him and make unreasonable demands on his energy or generosity. This guy knows when someone is trying to take advantage of a good thing. Besides, there’s nothing sexy about a pushover.

But Virgo really comes through in a pinch. Got a crisis? Call him. He remains calm, thinks clearly and acts strategically. The coolest part? He won’t hold it over your head, throw it in your face, or demand payback. Virgo really is the quintessential ‘good guy.’

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