The Astrology of a May/December Romance

Credit: eightvan via iStockphoto

Credit: eightvan via iStockphoto


Relationships with a significant age gap between partners have definite astrological signatures. Transits can trigger this kind of romance, but each partner will also have certain indicators in their charts. These signatures will describe the dynamics of responsibility, control, security and vulnerability.

The Older Partner

There may be a case of arrested development (refusal to accept the fact that they’re growing older) or a desire to be the “parent” in a relationship. Natal Cancer (the child), Aries (new impulse) or Leo (self-expression and play) will be emphasized. For example, Mr. December has Aries on the Descendant (7th House cusp), with ruler Mars conjunct Moon in Leo. He needs (Moon) to express impulsive play and unchecked self-expression. If he’s not owning his 7th House energy, he would look to his partner to act out these unexpressed needs. His Saturn/Capricorn would also be emphasized. For example, he might have Saturn in the 5th House or in hard aspect to personal planets. 5th House Saturn suggests he was not allowed to be a child, so he explores that energy through his partner while taking on the adult role.

The Younger Partner

This partner may want to be looked after, or may be dealing with unresolved parental issues. Capricorn/Saturn would be emphasized here — perhaps Ms. May has Saturn in the 7th, her DC ruler in Capricorn, or Saturn in hard aspect to her personal planets. 7th House Saturn energy suggests she might project her authority onto an older partner, while Saturn in hard aspect to Mars or Venus can indicate an attraction to older partners. Cancer, Leo or Aries would also be strong in her chart. For example, her North Node is in Aries, ruler Mars in Capricorn. Her path forward involves a mature expression of Aries’ newborn energy, which she might develop through her partner.

The age difference will show up clearly in synastry. The older partner’s Saturn will invariably make hard aspects to the younger partner’s personal planets. In a relationship with a 14-year age gap, one partner’s Saturn will oppose the other’s; the planet of time clearly delineates the different points each partner is at in their cycle of maturity. In the case of a  28-year age gap, their Saturns will conjoin each other. This illustrates a cycle of rules and responsibility that has come full circle, via the relationship. How they deal with the Saturn aspects between them depends on their respective approaches to this planet. Does Mr./Ms. December try to limit the energies they were drawn to in their May partner? Or, does the May partner end up shouldering the Saturn responsibilities placed upon them by December, resulting in a reversed parent/child dynamic?

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. So true, Nadia! Husband and I have just about all the signatures you mention in your article – individual natal and synastry. We could be a case study in May/December astrology.

  2. This is so true of my 4 year off and on sexual relationship with my lover. He is a Cancer moon, I’m a Venus in Aries, my Saturn opposes his Scorpio Venus, and my Saturn conjuncts his North Node in Taurus. We have broken up again but somehow I don’t think it’s really over between us.

  3. Thanks, Nadia! Our Nodes are in wide conjunction in Aries, so it’s a 19 years difference. (I’m the older side) Her Mars is at 26 cap in her 5h, my Mars is at 0 aq in my 2h. Our Vertexes are in exact opposition 18cap her- 18can me, her Saturn in Sag conj my Asc Sun, my Saturn in Aries opp her Sun in Libra, so her Saturn trines my Saturn.
    My Saturn falls in her 7h. In our composite chart Saturn in Aquarius on the IC squares the 1h stelium of Ve, Ur, Su, Me and Mo in Scorpio.
    I would appreciate any insights.

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