Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

One of the most intense relationships around, Mars and Moon in Scorpio fuse heavy passion with extreme needs. Mars will be drawn by the Moon’s depths, and the Moon partner will open up to Mars’ advances. The sexual chemistry will be off the charts, but this couple’s defensive privacy means outsiders will barely have a hint about what’s going on between them.

Mars in Scorpio does not act lightly. This slow mover is initially cautious and observant, because when he does make a move, there’s no going back. His absolute passion and commitment make him a demanding but dependable lover. Mars in Scorpio won’t hesitate to push past his partner’s defenses to achieve a complete sexual bond. While he’s at it, he discovers more about his desires and motivations — he’s instinctively pulled towards the possibilities of destruction and rebirth as vehicles for learning.

Moon in Scorpio needs complete immersion in her relationship. But before she’ll allow her lover to get close, she must feel that she’s safe and in control. Moon in Scorpio’s needs are a complex blend of fear of losing control and the yearning to go as deep as possible. The right lover will have the courage and ability to match her intensity while maintaining her trust.

Mars in Scorpio will be magnetized by Moon in Scorpio’s need for absolute intimacy. Moon in Scorpio will resonate with Mars’ deliberate approach, and each move he makes will match her needs. Together, they’ll create an unbreakable bond as they journey into dark waters where others never venture. The deeper they go, the more passion and fidelity they’ll develop as they gain a rich understanding of themselves, and each other. Outsiders won’t understand, and that’s the way this Scorpio pair likes it.

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