Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

Mars in Scorpio’s slow but relentless advances will complement Moon in Capricorn’s emotional discipline. He’ll work his way past her boundaries, and she’ll resonate with his focus and determination. The resulting union will be private, passionate and quietly ambitious.

Mars in Scorpio aims to drill into the heart of his lover. His intensity and persistence can be intimidating — his sheer force of will and sexual magnetism eventually break down the boundaries of anyone he’s in a relationship with. Mars in Scorpio wants a committed, authentic partnership with someone who is not only open to his explorations, but has the courage to match his forceful energy.

Moon in Capricorn needs structure in her relationship. She does not trust easily, and letting down her guard is a long, slow process. Even if Moon in Capricorn lets someone in, she’ll always need to call the shots in her domestic life. And she’s perfectly suited to this, with her instinctive grasp of order, control and disciplined progress.

Mars in Scorpio will sense Capricorn’s fears, and will work on identifying and overcoming them. His approach will be slow and steady, and he won’t back down until he’s figured out what unlocks her. Moon in Capricorn will be initially cautious, but will respect Scorpio’s strength and commitment. Even once Mars in Scorpio has accessed Capricorn’s unexpectedly sensual heart, she’ll always maintain her authority. Scorpio will allow her to be the boss in some areas, as her focus on practicalities and his focus on transformation creates a union that’s grounded but deeply passionate.

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