Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Mars in Scorpio’s drive for dominance will clash with Moon in Aquarius’ need for independence. Scorpio wants to possess, while Aquarius needs to step back. This is a difficult combination that will demand compromise from these uncompromising partners.

Once Scorpio makes his move, he goes all the way. Whether it’s his first move with someone he’s attracted to or ongoing efforts in an existing relationship, he’s focused on the continual establishment of an intimate bond. Mars in Scorpio’s actions are the real deal — he only initiates when he intends to follow through. He is a passionate, committed, controlling partner who demands complete access to his lover.

Moon in Aquarius needs freedom. She may not be a wanderer or rebel, but she has a stubborn drive to do things her way. Her ideal partner will honor her need to be herself, which means he’ll accept her quirks and need for alone time. Moon in Aquarius can be profoundly loyal and committed, but is not comfortable with deep emotional exploration. She feels safe when there’s some distance between herself and the issue — this allows her to approach everything with a calm, detached perspective.

Mars in Scorpio will view Moon in Aquarius’ emotional coolness as a challenge. He’ll push to access her secrets and trigger her emotional vulnerabilities, while she’ll observe his efforts. Moon in Aquarius will feel that Scorpio’s energy is far too heavy for her, and she’ll calmly pull away. She won’t get upset, but she will sense that Scorpio will never stop trying to get closer. If other aspects between their charts indicate a bond, these two may be able to make it work based on their shared desire for commitment. While Aquarius may feel emotionally unavailable to Scorpio, she will always be loyal. And Mars in Scorpio will appreciate this. He’ll just have to work on accepting that her brand of intimacy is very different from his.

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