How To Tell If Venus in Leo Likes You Back


So you’ve got a thing for someone born with Venus in Leo. You’re aiming pretty high: she or he is quite a catch, but in order to avoid any egg-on-face moments, you’ll need some clues as to whether or not this class act is into you. Two key points for starters: 1) Venus in Leo does not do understated. If you’re imagining that he’s hot for you but is just too chicken to say it, that’s just wishful thinking. Venus in Leo will make some noise if he is into you — and he needs you to let loose with your affection, too. Pretty straightforward, very little guess work. 2) Venus in Leo does not do sharesies. If you need poly love, go find someone with lots of Aquarius energy. Venus in Leo is one possessive lover — and if he’s set his sights on you, he’s looking for your complete devotion to him alone. Notice that his eyes are solely on you, and not darting around the place to see if there’s another prospect. Again, easy-peasy: eyes are on you, he’s looking for a connection.

Looking for Something Solid

Sure, she may flirt with you, but understand that Venus in Leo needs consistency. This is a lover who, for all of her surface pizzazz, desires something solid and real. This is fixed energy, and deep attachment is necessary — no sudden changes. If you’ve landed this lioness and have some bold upcoming life changes, better start preparing her slowly and gently, weeks or months in advance. And if you can convince her that these changes are her idea, more power to you.

False Bravado

Now let’s be clear: Venus in Leo is occasionally prone to focusing on themselves — sometimes to the exclusion of others. So how are you supposed to know if he’s into you or not, when he’s all about himself? Here’s the real deal: he’s not really all about himself, but it’s a pretty good front to mask a teensy weensy bit of insecurity. Hey, being in the spotlight as often as Venus in Leo finds himself can become a bit of a trap — all of that high maintenance to keep up. So don’t be to put off by a bit of (false) bravado. That will fade over time, if you’re lucky enough to make it that far with Venus in Leo. If he runs his fingers through your hair, take the hint. It’s a big neon sign inviting you to make your move — now, while he’s feeling the heat.

Careful, though: Venus in Leo wants to be in control — or at least be given the illusion of control. So match move for move — think a tennis match and the endurance required. And leave her some room to go over the top or to outdo you in the wooing department. Venus in Leo — the sign of royalty — wants to make a splash. If you’re prepared to let her shine — and to support and cheerlead all the while — you’ve got a solid chance of making a go of a relationship.

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About Michelle Suzanne

Michelle Suzanne is a certified coach practitioner. She incorporates her gift for interpreting planetary messages to consult with clients, to teach, write, and to create and deliver workshops to individuals and groups. She brings twenty years of unique professional experience to people who need guidance to rise to their fullest potential. Everyone has a unique journey with a compelling story beneath it. Michelle's role is to help you re-discover yours, or to help you create a new one that resonates with who you are today.


  1. Wish I knew about Venus in Leo before I went ballistic on him!

  2. Libra love says:

    On point! My leo has leo Venus. And his eyes are always fixed on me! He loves watching and is such a sexy stalker,hehehehee. He loves to give me my way but he’s still in control.
    One things that bothers me is his way of getting my attention or showing how much I influence his growth he does this openly. Not directly at me. It puts me off. Even tho he won the crowd he sulks like he failed. The minute I acknowledge his grand gesture for what it is instead of what I want, he beam up with light. So I tried it to. I realize that he knows it was for him in which he immediately responds. It’s better to assume it’ s all about me and not a show for everyone else. My sexy lion sure has his ways of showing me off.
    He respects my sense of fairness, my need to be appreciated, and my sensitive. I do the same for him.
    By the way I’m a libra.

  3. It’s funny I have nothing in Leo (besides my Mercury in Leo…which isn’t Conjunct his Venus) yet this Venus in Leo guy is obsessed with me (Mars in Scorpio), and constantly tells me I’m beautiful, funny, etc. Yeah, he’s def laying the compliments on thick. I have a friend do my chart and tells me I have my Cancer Sun in the 1st Conjunct my Asc…which means I come off exactly like a Leo lol. He also happens to have Cancer Moon. Is this true? I didn’t understand why he was so into me but is it that my own chart makes me come off Leo like (with the Cancer) and that is what is drawing him in?

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