Four Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard For a Scorpio

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If you haven’t crossed paths with a Scorpio yet, you need to add this experience to your bucket list. Really and truly, falling for a Scorpio is a life-changing thing, regardless of how long the relationship lasts. Both of you will be marked by your relationship if you get together. And no wonder, when transformative Pluto is one of Scorpio’s ruling planets. In fact, Scorp is so intense it’s got two ruling planets, the other one being Mars, planet of sex. Come on — sex and transformation. What exactly are you waiting for?

1. S-E-X

Let’s be frank: while it’s egalitarian to say that everyone is sexy in their own way, there’s something about Scorpio that just takes the word ‘sexy’ to a whole new level. They are intensely magnetic. Maybe it’s the double-whammy combo of being ruled by Mars and Pluto, or maybe it’s the fact that Scorpio operates through the hypnotic element of water. Either way, this generates some major steamy energy. The crazy thing? Most Scorps are oblivious to the effect they have on you. Tell him how alluring he is and he’ll probably have to mull that over, wondering how someone like you could be into someone like him. And then there’s the badass potential for eruption that pervades most interactions with a Scorpio. That’s the Pluto vibe. There’s something erotic about this guy that you dare not take home to meet the parents.

2. Still Waters Run Deep

Look into a Scorp’s eyes. What do you see? Likely very little, for a very long time. Oh there’s plenty going on behind those impenetrable eyes; but it’s going to take time and trust before you ever get to know the depths of all the feels inside her. Make no mistake though: Scorpio feels it all. She is a psychic and emotional sponge. And no, you’re not imagining the feeling that she sees right through you. The good news about Scorpio’s x-ray vision? There’s no need to put anything on for her. She sees the real you, so it’s okay — desirable, even — to be just who you are.

3. Possession

Have you ever wanted someone to obsess over you? (Think Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.) If so, you’ve got to get with a Scorpio. He’ll take you out for coffee for your first date, and promptly announce he’s planned the rest of your lives together, and you’re moving to Paris with him. He’s not joking, either. Scorpio energy attaches easily — whether to an idea, situation, or person. It’s that fixed modality that he possesses. If you fall for Mr. Scorpio and the feeling is mutual, you can be sure that he wants this to last as long as you’re willing to stay. And yes, he’s thinking of you…all the time.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Do relationship planets in Scorpio have a similar effect? Like Venus, or Mars?

  2. Yes well said Michelle i also find that Scorpions has an extra energy and attraction in them. It comes due to the effect of planets position.

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