Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Mars in Scorpio will be way too heavy for Moon in Libra’s delicate emotional balance. His demand for raw authenticity could make Libra feel overwhelmed, while her need to please may come across as fake to Scorpio. Are there any areas of compatibility between these two?

Mars in Scorpio will push for a real relationship. He’s energized by passion, honesty and taboo-busting sexuality. Mars in Scorpio is turned on by what lies beneath the surface of a partnership, after the mask has dropped and the real face of his lover has emerged. His partner may find his insistence (and desire for control) to be a bit much, but there’s no questioning his absolute loyalty.

Moon in Libra needs a happy relationship. This sounds simplistic, but it actually reflects her need for harmony. And for Moon in Libra, harmony means a happy partner. On the positive side, this makes her an instinctive compromiser and diplomat. On the downside, she can lose track of her needs as she does everything to keep the peace and attend to her lover’s desires.

Mars in Scorpio will push Libra into uncomfortable territory, urging her to be honest and express what she’s really feeling. Moon in Libra will find this invasive. Initially, she may do as Scorpio says, but this will displease him as he senses that she’s only “opening up” to make him happy. He’ll push her harder, looking for a confrontation. She’ll pull away, pretending that everything is fine. Mars in Scorpio may be attracted to the challenge of breaking Libra’s surface, but this will be precisely what Moon in Libra dislikes about him. If other aspects in their charts draw them together, Scorpio could teach Libra about her own emotional authenticity, and Libra could balance out some of Scorpio’s more extreme impulses. But each will have to accept the other’s very different energy.

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