Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Leo Compatibility

This relationship will be a clash of two very powerful people. Mars in Scorpio’s relentless drive and Moon in Leo’s all-consuming need to be number one will result in a locked-down stalemate. But if they can find a way to work together, this couple will be unstoppable.

Mars in Scorpio pushes himself and his partner.  Limits and secrets are things to be decimated, in his quest to get what he wants. This makes him a lover whose passion takes his partner beyond what she thought was possible. But it also makes Mars in Scorpio ferociously uncompromising.

Moon in Leo needs to be the center of her relationship. Before her generosity and passion are released, she must feel adored, not just loved. If her partner treats her like royalty, she’ll treat him like royalty (as long she comes first). Unhappy Moon in Leo can flip from benevolent monarch to angry child, with dramatic displays of temper meant to reclaim her partner’s attention — or teach him a lesson.

Mars in Scorpio will not give in to Leo’s demands, and Moon in Leo will feel challenged by Scorpio. When she needs romance and luxe goodies, he’ll brush her requests aside and deliver deadly-serious sex. However, the tension between them can translate into significant attraction, and each will resonate with the other’s power. What would intimidate weaker partners won’t phase these two. And Moon in Leo will certainly enjoy Scorpio’s obsessive attentions, as she becomes the center of his universe. If they can find a way to respect each other’s different needs and desires, they could create a union held together by sheer force of will.

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