Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Both of these signs are intensely passionate, but in very different ways. Mars in Scorpio’s slow burn may be too heavy for willful Moon in Aries. Both fight to have their own way, no matter what. Will the resulting battle be too ferocious for either to handle?

Mars in Scorpio must have what he wants. His actions are obsessive, strategic and relentless. This heavy-hitter can be too much for some, because his sexual demands involve more than just hot sex. He also wants complete merging, honesty and control. Basically, Mars in Scorpio wants it all from his partner.

Moon in Aries needs the freedom to fight. Lest this sound too combative for a relationship, know that challenge and excitement are what make her feel alive. But she can explore these things in healthy ways, with a partner who doesn’t make things too easy for her, while giving her room to move. She is prone to flashes of raw anger, impulse and initiative. He should allow her to vent these emotions, because a restricted Moon in Aries becomes even more volatile and unhappy.

Mars in Scorpio will be attracted to the heat he senses within Moon in Aries. But as he moves in, she’ll immediately kick against his attempts to dominate. Scorpio’s efforts to get close will feel suffocating and threatening to Moon in Aries. Mutual anger could be the result. However, if other factors in their charts are strong enough to keep them together, these two could have one of the hottest and most volatile relationships. Aries’ unfiltered emotions and courage will turn Scorpio on, and meet his criteria for a partner who isn’t afraid to confront anything. And Scorpio’s intensity will certainly provide Aries with a challenge. The trick will be moderating their respective speeds and need for freedom versus control. Mars in Scorpio will need to release his grip on Aries, and Moon in Aries will have to make an effort to understand that Scorpio doesn’t do anything until he’s ready.

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