Mars in Libra, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Could this be one of the most romantic pairings? Despite the elemental incompatibility (Pisces’ watery sensitivity won’t blend with Libra’s airy approach) both of these signs love to love. Mars in Libra’s focus on romance will charm Moon in Pisces, due to her need for a daily shot of magic.

Mars in Libra knows how to keep the romance alive. He’s energized not just by partnership, but by courtship. Whether he’s known his lover for ten hours or ten years, his actions will always be sprinkled with flirtatiousness. Mars in Libra is turned on by his partner’s positive reactions to his efforts — his little gifts and gestures are certainly impractical, but they’re designed to make her smile. However, underneath the sugar-coated suitor is someone who is also turned on by a bit of manageable conflict. He wants a challenge, as long as it doesn’t get too messy.

Moon in Pisces is a sensitive partner who needs someone equally sensitive. She’s a true romantic at heart. No matter how logical she may be on the outside (depending on her Sun sign) on the inside she believes in soulmates and eternal love. Moon in Pisces absorbs everything from her surrounding environment. It’s essential that her partner treat her gently and understand that she will always need time alone to recharge.

Mars in Libra’s ability to tune into what his partner wants will work beautifully with Moon in Pisces. He’ll calibrate his approach so he wins her over, but doesn’t overwhelm her. But Libra may find her extreme emotional sensitivity (and introversion) a bit frustrating: for all his politeness, he can temporarily forget about his lover when he’s getting buzzed from social interactions. But his desire to please her should balance this out, and Moon in Pisces will adore the gentle magic he brings into her life. The only sticking point will be his hidden drive for conflict. Pisces detests conflict of any kind, and while she’ll initially believe she’s met another peace-loving soul, she’ll be hurt by his passive-aggressive jabs.

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