Mars in Libra, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

This light, social relationship blends Mars in Libra’s charm with Moon in Aquarius’ detached acceptance. Libra will supply the one-on-one focus, while Aquarius will ensure that it’s never just about the relationship. By giving each other room to breath, they’ll make commitment easy.

Mars in Libra wants to initiate a partnership. His approach may be smooth and agreeable, but he’s not just in it for conversation. If Mars in Libra is making a move, chances are he’s got romance on his mind. This will continue, even in an established relationship. His actions are designed to encourage balanced give and take. Imbalances will occur when he ignores his desires (including his desire for independence) in favor of making his lover happy.

Moon in Aquarius needs to have a partnership her way. Commitment is desirable, but only if her partner respects her need for independence and understands that she expresses her feelings with friendly detachment. Detachment does not mean she feels nothing. Rather, she’s able to step back from her emotions and observe things from a distance. This makes her a kind, tolerant and loyal lover.

Mars in Libra’s moves will appeal to Moon in Aquarius, but not because she’s won over by Prince Charming vibe. She’ll appreciate his flirtations, but his light approach will be what really appeals to her. She’ll recognize that, despite his focus on partnership, he’ll give her space to be herself. If Libra becomes too caught up in trying to make her happy, Aquarius will gently remind him that his desires are important too. Together, they’ll explore the best of both social worlds, so the relationship will always have room for friends and new contacts.

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