Mars in Libra, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

These two will have an edgy chemistry, based on the tension between Mars in Libra’s advances and Moon in Capricorn’s reserve. Libra will be assertive but polite, as he challenges Capricorn’s emotional fortress. And he may just win her over.

Mars in Libra likes a romantic challenge. He may not seem competitive at first, but underneath his charming facade is someone who goes after what he wants. The quickest way for someone to cut through his indecisiveness is to appear unavailable. Then, Libra’s Cardinal qualities will be triggered. He’ll initiate a charm offensive as he attempts to convince the object of his affection that he’s the one.

Moon in Capricorn does not open up easily. She needs to be in control, which means guarding her emotional responses. She has feelings of course, but they’re carefully monitored. When Moon in Capricorn does decide to trust and let down some of her defenses, she is a loyal partner who takes her relationship very seriously. And she’ll always be the boss.

Moon in Capricorn may not trust Mars in Libra, initially. She’ll view him as a lightweight player, with nothing more to offer than sugary words. His attempts to flirt with her will only increase her distrust. But the more distant Capricorn becomes, the more Libra will ramp up his efforts. He’ll use his considerable talents to match her preferences. Eventually, Moon in Capricorn may be won over. Despite her better judgement, she’ll feel the spark between them and may decide that this pretty boy has something to offer. If they do get together, their relationship will always have a sparky sexual vibe, but it won’t be easy. Moon in Capricorn won’t be comfortable with Libra’s social charms, and she may become possessive. Mars in Libra will be a bit stifled by Capricorn’s insistence on structure. But she’ll provide the decisive staying power than he’s missing, and she’ll always have the final say.

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