Mars in Virgo, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Opposites attract when Mars in Virgo sweeps in to aid Moon in Pisces’ damsel in distress, and when Pisces thrills to Virgo’s competence. The opposition causes tension between Virgo precision and Pisces dreams, but this also creates the chemistry that inspires to each to reach out for what the other offers.

Mars in Virgo is Mr. Fixit. He’s motivated to help his partner with efficient, precise actions. But Mars in Virgo is also motivated by flaws and crises. Despite his distaste for chaos, part of him thrives when things are broken. It may be a stretch to say that he’s turned on by his partner’s difficulties, but he certainly feels empowered when he can step in and make it all better.

Moon in Pisces needs a safe, quiet space. She also needs an understanding partner. While she’ll give to the point of sacrifice, she is so easily drained that her partner must know when to back off and give her time to recharge. Moon in Pisces does best with a partner who is more practical than she is. Her need for transcendence and escape mean that she’s not fully grounded, and doesn’t always care about the mundane realities of life.

Mars in Virgo will sense Pisces’ need for her structure, and he’ll be fired up by this opportunity to take control. Moon in Pisces will respond to Virgo’s ultra-helpfulness with gratitude and relief, as she collapses into his arms. Here’s a partner who will take care of the tedious details, while responding to her sensitivity. Virgo will be frustrated by Pisces’ incomprehension of daily necessities, as he tries (and fails) to impose his routines on her. But some of Virgo’s structure might rub off on her, while Pisces can soothe him when he gets tied into anxious knots. The danger of this combination lies with each partner becoming stuck in exaggerated versions of themselves: Virgo as the fussy nurse, and Pisces as the helpless patient.

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  1. Ha… I had this, having a Mars in Virgo and him having a moon in Pisces. Must also said that my south node was conjunct his moon. So there was a karmic connection. We had a son, but he is just not my forever. His moon makes him… weak, alcoholic, slippery, no substance; and plain, just not for me. I am aware of my fussy nurse trait, my tendency to try to fix them, and save them, funny you said this I am a RN LOL. The difference here is that I know this, and now I run for the hills when I sense they are “broken”… nope no time for that. Ruuuuuuuun!!!!

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