Mars in Libra, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Mars in Libra will dance with Moon in Aries, and his flirtatious actions will trigger her assertiveness. These signs are opposites, but Aries is ruled by Mars. This will crank the chemistry up another couple of notches.

Mars in Libra is a pro at courtship. He’s never pushy, always appropriate and very charming. A tasteful romantic, he wines and dines the object of his affection with stylish moves. Despite his polite approach, Mars in Libra likes a bit of conflict. Emphasis on the word “bit.” He abhors rudeness or aggression, and will avoid confrontation at all costs. But his secret is that a smattering of friction with his partner keeps his interest, and keeps his potentially wandering eyes focused on his primary relationship.

Moon in Aries needs excitement in her relationship. This consists of conflict or assertive action. When things become cozy and predictable, Moon in Aries gets bored and dissatisfied. Her ideal partner will recognize that she feels safe when something challenges her or stirs up her emotions. The trick is to manage her vital energy in a healthy way, so it doesn’t become distorted into pointless arguments. When she’s at her best, she’s a passionate partner who’s totally committed to the moment.

Mars in Libra will throw a flirtatious hook at Moon in Aries, and she’ll react with a powerful tug. The polarity between these signs creates instant chemistry, and Aries’ reactions will be amplified by the fact that Mars is her ruler. She may respond more strongly than he anticipated, and there will be a constant tug of war between them. Mars in Libra will back off, Moon in Aries will push forward, and vice versa. The seesaw will keep them both energized, and this relationship will never get boring.

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