Mars in Virgo, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Mars in Virgo is Moon in Virgo’s perfect match. He’ll target and address her worries with precise actions, and she’ll support his efforts. While this may not sound like the hottest combo, their chemistry will be based on a mutual desire to improve themselves and their relationship.

Mars in Virgo wants to keep doing things better. If life were a game, he would be on a quest to level up indefinitely. For the partner who doesn’t understand this, Mars in Virgo will seem like a relentless perfectionist who has nothing better to do than look for problems that don’t exist. For the partner who resonates with him, he’ll be a fixer, healer and finely-tuned lover, all rolled into one.

Moon in Virgo needs improvement. This can translate into worrying and nagging that randomly shifts focus, convincing her lover that she actually prefers being unhappy. Moon in Virgo wants to be happy, but what satisfies her is a steady stream of little projects, and a sense that her relationship is busy. A placid partnership is a stagnant partnership for this Moon.

Mars in Virgo will be attracted to the purity that he senses within Moon in Virgo. Her sense of order and emotional discernment will trigger his desire to do things even better than usual (if that’s possible). He’ll pull out all the stops to help her, and she’ll reciprocate by letting him into her carefully curated life and building a neat little nest for him. Together, they can create a relationship that continually reaches new levels of effectiveness. The only catch is when one partner worries, the other may get stuck in a web of anxiety. This is where Mars in Virgo will need to assert himself by doing what he does best: taking action and solving the problem.

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