Mars in Virgo, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Mars in Virgo wants to serve, and Moon in Leo needs be number one. While this may seem like the perfect match, this couple will have to watch that they don’t fall into master/servant roles. Virgo’s impulse to work for his partner and Leo’s instinct to demand satisfaction can create an unhealthy situation.

Mars in Virgo will impress his partner with what he delivers. In and out of the bedroom, he makes himself indispensable, with the added bonus of mastering any tasks he sets himself to. Mars in Virgo will bend over backwards without complaint, but even he has a limit. He’s into improvement, not sacrifice. If his partner continually takes advantage of him, he’ll identify this as a situation where he’s unable to be his best self, and he’ll move on.

Moon in Leo needs a partner who will put her on a pedestal.  This is partly due to her conviction that she is the best, and partly due to her need for pampering and appreciation. Moon in Leo will return the favor with love, loyalty and generosity, as long as the flow of attention doesn’t stop. When this Moon is feeling loved and secure, she can be a wonderful mix of passion, playfulness and pride. When she’s feeling insecure, she can throw some impressive tantrums.

Mars in Virgo will win Leo over with his willingness and talents. He’ll deliver what she wants, when she wants it, and his perfection will feed her gold standard lifestyle. Mars in Virgo will appreciate Leo’s natural pride and high standards. But if Moon in Leo becomes accustomed to Virgo’s helpfulness, she may take him for granted. Mars in Virgo won’t speak up immediately, but eventually he’ll become resentful, and may walk out. Moon in Leo will need to make an effort to be less demanding, and Virgo will have to draw a line before his resentment becomes overwhelming.

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