How to Tell if a Mars in Pisces Man or Woman Is Into You


Mars in Pisces is both victim and seducer in one romantic package. The tragic artist, mysterious dreamer and vague pursuer are just a few of the personas this Mars sign can manifest. Just as the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred for Mars in Pisces, it can be difficult for you to know if this elusive fish is really into you.

Living the Dream

Pisces is the sign of allowing, rather than initiating. But Mars in Pisces can get fired up in his own way, and when he does, he’ll pursue the object of his sexual fantasy (you). Initially, it’s not difficult to figure out if he’s into you. He often makes the first move, although he won’t be aggressive. What he will be is over the top romantic. He’ll write you poetry, or invite you out for an evening on the beach and a bottle of wine. He’ll show you his paintings or songs. He’ll send you sweet emails about his private dreams and longings. Oddly enough, they’ll dovetail perfectly with your private dreams and longings. Is this guy for real? You’ll be swept away.

He’s a strange mix of passionate and passive. Bold and vulnerable. There’s a hint of tragedy about him — a whiff of the sad story. He’ll show you where it hurts and you’ll want to make it better. If he opens up and displays his wounds, you know he’s into you. Sex on the first date? Maybe, maybe not. Despite any “poor me” stories he may spin, he’s an intuitive seducer. You’ll get the sense that he’s open to almost anything. On the other hand, he’s so sensitive that it can be easy to say the wrong thing and have the evening take a sudden left turn. However, the game may not be over, even at this point. Sometimes Mars in Pisces uses his sadness as foreplay. Can you handle his deeply wounded soul? He’s never been this vulnerable with anyone, ever. Then again, he may decide that the evening is all about emotional bonding, and he’s just not ready to be intimate. Confusing? So is Mars in Pisces.

Waking Up

Mars in Pisces is boundary-less, and this can manifest in different ways, depending on the rest of her chart. After the first date, there may be no second date, even if you think it went splendidly. She may simply lose interest. It’s possible that she has no desire for a commitment with you, or anyone else. She won’t be straightforward about this. She may continue to see you, but there could be others on the side. Pisces is not a personal sign, and Mars in Pisces is driven to reach out to many, many people.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Suzanne Bebbington says:

    Whoa. I know a Mars in Pisces, and holy cow, does this ever nail it! Would it be accurate to understand that there might be real commitment issues here? Also, any ideas on where a “spiritually drained” Mars in Pisces suffering from anxiety and depression might start to find healing?

  2. Thank you Nadia for a great article,
    My progressed Mars is in Pisces in the 3rd and I was wondering if I could “figure it out” while it’s squaring my natal Sun in Sag on the Asc?

  3. @Suzanne Bebbington
    To answer your first question, the natal chart would need to be analyzed. For your second question, that depends entirely on the Mars in Pisces person and any medical intervention they might have had.

  4. @simon67
    Your Sun may illuminate certain issues that were previously unclear.

  5. very very screwed up people

  6. It’s interesting that the Sun may show the issues, especially with Mars being retrograde now, and conjunct my natal Sun and my progressed Sun soon to conjunct natal Mars. Thanks for your insight…

  7. I am the owner of Mars in Pisces in 12th house. The article is so true, true to the bone.

    “Take away her magic, and it’s over.” – Magic…without magic there is no relation, – just one casual co-existence, like ” home without cat is just a house”.

    Thank you for the article, Nadia

  8. Would Moon in Pisces, Mars in Scorpio have more substance? Someone I like with this combination.
    Mars in Pisces sounds like such a flake.

  9. MrsMarsinPisces says:

    Great article! It is written in beautiful way. Thank you!

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