Mars in Virgo, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Mars in Virgo fusses and helps, while Moon in Cancer needs to mother. Together, these two will create a nurturing, anxiety-filled union. They will look after each other like no one else can, smothering any potential difficulties with a combination of targeted solutions and hugs.

Mars in Virgo must help his partner. He has this knee-jerk reaction each time he sees something that can be improved or fixed. Mars in Virgo may well be the most useful lover that his partner ever has: he’ll organize her life and do his utmost to ensure that his actions meet (and exceed) her needs, in and out of the bedroom. The downside to this is the knots he’ll tie himself up in. When he misses the elusive mark of perfection, he can be supremely self-punishing.

Moon in Cancer needs to take care of her partner. This is an instinct that arises each time she senses that her lover is uncomfortable, hungry or upset. Moon in Cancer will always mix a bit of mothering into her relationship, no matter what other dynamics exist. But she wants care and cuddling in return, because beneath her matriarchal shell is a needy child.

Mars in Virgo will make Cancer feel safe with his practical, protective actions. Moon in Cancer will sooth Virgo’s anxieties when she senses his distress at not having completed something in the correct way. But their mutual concern can breed more worry: Virgo will worry that Cancer doesn’t feel 100% secure with his efforts, and Cancer will worry because Virgo is worrying. The amount of care and feeding they’ll put into the relationship will be impressive, but they’ll have to take a step back to avoid stressing each other out.

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