Mars in Leo, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

This couple’s fire will burn brightly. Mars in Leo’s glittering efforts will catch Moon in Sagittarius’ interest, even though she won’t care about the goodies he offers. What she will like is his flamboyant confidence; here’s a partner who can accompany her on her periodic adventures.

Mars in Leo takes actions that make him look good. Even if he’s pulling out all the stops to court his lover, his efforts are based on his desire to express himself fully. Mars in Leo is a pro at the romance game, because the more he sweeps his lover off her feet, the more it reinforces his status as Number 1. But rigid pride lies underneath his enthusiasm; if his partner criticizes, mocks or ignores him, angry outbursts will follow.

Moon in Sagittarius needs a travelling companion. A continuous sense of opportunity satisfies her, and not just because she always needs something to look forward to. Moon in Sagittarius is constantly exploring, on a physical and emotional level. Rigid routines depress her and drain her vitality. When she’s happy, she can almost keep the relationship afloat with the force of her enthusiasm.

Mars in Leo will be attracted to Sagittarius’ anything-goes vibe. Moon in Sagittarius will happily accept his gifts, but what she’ll be drawn to is his childlike energy. Mars in Leo wants to play, because he’s really just a big kid. Sagittarius will encourage this side of him. If his pride is wounded by her irreverence, he’ll quickly move on when he realizes that she doesn’t mean to hurt him. Moon in Sagittarius will have no need to criticize, or put her partner in his place. She simply won’t care about these things. All she’ll want is someone to enjoy life with, and Mars in Leo will be that person.

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