Mars in Leo, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Mars in Leo’s efforts to impress will seem flashy to Moon in Virgo. His boldness will clash with her need for refinement, and he may find her surge of disapproval discouraging enough that he looks elsewhere for an audience. But if these two can get past their initial discord, their common desire to have the best in life can draw them together.

Mars in Leo sees no reason to hold back when he’s interested in someone. He has accomplishments and talents, not to mention looks and charm. Downplaying his assets doesn’t make sense to this proud and passionate sign. Mars in Leo will be bold, dramatic and full-on romantic, but he’ll never sacrifice his dignity or high standards. While his blinding confidence may create the illusion that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, his actions are focused on gaining appreciation from his partner.

Moon in Virgo needs to create the best relationship. This makes her a domestic control freak, intent on having things just so with her routines and improvement projects. One of those projects will be her partner, who is (as far as she’s concerned) a work in progress… just like her. Moon in Virgo’s fussing and worrying is actually a form of stress release; she feels secure when she can make things better.

Mars in Leo will expect applause from Moon in Virgo, but he’ll get thin-lipped silence mixed with disapproval. He’ll think he’s wowing her, but all she’ll see is a child demanding attention. Hurt and offended, he’ll wonder why she can’t appreciate what he’s trying to do for her, and he’ll withdraw. That may be as far as their interaction goes. But if other contacts between their charts indicate more compatibility, these two may be able to bond based on Virgo’s appreciation of Leo’s dignity, and Leo’s recognition that she really does need perfection. He’ll do his best to provide that with courtly actions and exquisite gifts. Virgo may chide him for spending too much, but she’ll also tend to his every desire. This focused attention will soothe Leo’s pride, as long as Virgo curbs her criticisms.

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